Demonstration of marvels playing techno music with Pythagora switch-like gimmick of super force

DJ combines music by turning records with two turntables, but by combining five records with a number of machine tools on one turntable, playing techno music with a device like a Pythagora switch A demonstration "MECHANICAL TECHNO DEMONSTRATION"Has been released.


Along with a record which was suddenly divided into yellow & black color, "Part 1: Sampling" was displayed. It seems that you are tracking a black area with a pencil and recording the sampled sound source in the black part.

When this is put on the turntable, the sound sampled beat and melody flows only when the needle reaches the black area.

By fixing the arm with thread, the same sound was made to flow all the while, and when pulling the thread and changing the position of the needle, it was made to sound different sounds.

Set the record on another turn table. I can not figure out what I am doing at this point ...

What was projected as "Part 2" is "Audio trigger using synthesizer".

Records are appearing again, and now black areas are attached to two places.

When turning it with the turntable, when the needle passes through the black area, the sound of the synthesizer "Boon, Boon" was played.

Then the man sets a round pedestal and stick on the record of "Part 1" ... ...

I've put the record of "Part 2" on top of it.

I brought the head of the turntable from where, adjusted the height and set it so as to hit the "2" record.

"Part 3" is another synthesizer, it seems to output sound by electric contact.

After connecting the cable to the synthesizer, I took out an elongated magazine stick.

When bringing the tip of the rod into contact with the coin placed on the table, the electronic sound of the synthesizer called "Bibimbibbi" is output.

Paste the same material sheet as the coin onto the record ......

Set on the turntable. If you do not use the head so that the previous stick hits the record, the synthesizer plays the sound according to the rotation.

Again, I put it on the record of "Part 1" and "Part 2".

"Part 4" is "Mechanical Speaker Drum" and "Cow bell".

Pile two records and divide the top one into 4 equal parts. It seems that a block is placed between the record and the record and a step is attached.

This is an instrument called a speaker drum remodeling the speaker unit, and when you hit the surface it seems that you can play bass like "Woofer" with "Bone".

Turning a record with a step difference, when a step hits, the stick hits the drum and creates a regular rhythm called "bonbonne".

This time it is set on an instrument playing a sound like a xylophone called cowbell. "Curran, Colon, Curran, Colon" has also added a thirsty rhythm.

Add "4" to the mountain of the record and fix the speaker drum and cowbell. In other words, although the terrifying Pythagora switch that all the tones are reproduced all at once by moving the turntable is assembled, it does not consider whether harmony can truly be played.

The last "Part 5" is based on "Piezo drum (piezoelectric drum)", and a small piezoelectric pad is connected to the drum synthesizer.

When touched with a pencil, you can hear "bread, bread" and craps by the pads, and "Dun, Dun" and kick sounds are heard.

And when I turned the record with the bolt, I could play "Deng, Zunch" and drum beat.

Adjusting the angle and the height of the pads, finally "machine-driven techno performance equipment" is completed.

That's why the demonstration started. When all the instruments rings all at once, it is just techno music. From the manufacturing process it is finished to a level impossible.

While playing, I changed the rhythm by removing the instruments I set or changing the position. You can listen to what kind of performance you are playing by playing around 3 minutes and 40 seconds of the movie.

And when I thought that the music was ......, an instrument was set up in front of the record tower to respond to objects like likemin to sound high-pitched sounds.

Before that we put a small record and a specimen of a rectangular grasshopper ......

restart. The high-pitched sound changed as the object rotated, and even the techno-like feel increased further.

In addition, it was Mr. Graham Dunning, artist and musician who created this mechanism. We produce artworks in a variety of formats and have produced a lot of experimental music, and you can see other works from the following pages.

Graham Dunning | Artist | Musician | Tutor

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