Vertical turntable "Floating Record" to play with record set up

In the environment surrounding recent music software, sampling frequencies 48 kHz and 96 kHz, words of FLAC file and DSD flutterHigh resAlthough it is a big topic, on the other hand the popularity of old-fashioned vinyl records is still strong,It can also be said that it shows demodulation compared to one timeIt has become. A player who plays such a record is "Floating Record"However, this player has extremely unusual features of setting the record almost vertically and playing it.

Gramovox - Stream Nostalgia

This is the Floating Record of the vertical turntable. It is set in a state that the record literally floats on the base made of wood, and the tone arm that sets the needle of the record is set vertically upward from the base.

Angle looking up at the tone arm. The arm is set on a mount with a built-in bearing, and it is the same structure as a conventional record player to realize an appropriate needle pressure with exquisite weight balance. The only difference is the set angle.

The size of Floating Record is 17 inches in width × 10 inches in depth (about 43 cm × 25 cm), and the height including the LP record is 16 inches (about 41 cm). If you look closely, the turntable that sets the record is tilted slightly backwards and is designed to create a "2 gram" load, which is the proper pressure for the record needle, using this angle.

The name of each part is like this. At the end of the tone arm is a dual magnet cartridge made by Audio TechnicaAT95EIs set. Setting the Record Hold the record body tightly with a screw type clamp mounted in the center of the turntable and rotate the table by driving the silicon belt with the driving motor built in the base part. The material of the base part is designed to be able to select maple and walnut, and on the left and right is a full range speaker with a caliber of 2 inches (about 5 cm).

When looking at the main body from behind, an acrylic pedestal extends from the base part, and an acrylic turntable is similarly set in the same way.

At the center of the back, equipped with power supply and output terminals. The power supply is of the type that supplies 12 VDC via the adapter and is equipped with a power switch. In addition, the body has built-in "Phono amp" that amplifies the signal, and it can output directly from the RCA terminal (pin terminal) of red and white to the external device, it can also connect with headphones and listen. You can turn on / off the built-in speaker by switching the switch on the far right.

The turntable employs a traditional belt drive system. It is a mechanism to drive a table by pulling a belt made of silicone to a pulley that jumped out of the base part.

The number of revolutions of the record is changed by changing the belt to the grooves of two pulleys, large and small.

It is extremely easy to change the belt, just pull the silicone belt with your finger and put it in the next groove. Click on the image below to see it in GIF animation (about 6 MB).

In addition to its structure, Floating Record has another unique mechanism. At the root of the tone arm is one lever to float the arm from the record, "queuing mechanism" which allows the beginning of a song without hurting a needle or board face is adopted.

You can see the state of floating the arm by operating the lever with the following movie.

Gramovox Floating Record - Cueing Mechanism from Gramovox on Vimeo

Floating Record says that it not only creates a strange structure but also sticks to the sound quality. It seems that a sound check by the engineer of Chicago 's recording studio "Earhole Studio" was also done.

This Floating Record is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen) of the target amount, approximately 12 million dollars (about 150 million yen) contributions are gathered from more than 3000 investors around the world at the time of article creation.

Floating Record has lineup of two types of whitish maple model and brown walnut model. Early Bird Plan, an early investment discount discount system, has already been filled in, but at the time of writing the article you can get either model at $ 349 (about 43,000 yen), or $ 668 (about 83,000 yen It is also possible to acquire both models one by one by equipping them.

For shipping to Japan, a shipping fee of 94 dollars to 180 dollars (about 12,000 yen to 23,000 yen) is required separately. The deadline for investment is just Japan time on July 28, 2010 (Tuesday) in Japan time, the shipping time is scheduled around December 2015.

Floating Record ™ Vertical Turntable by Gramovox - Kickstarter

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