Synthesizer sound source "Molecule Synth" to make sound by sticking speakers and amplifiers like the Lego block

"Molecule Synth" is able to make new instruments by combining the speakers, amplifiers, sound generators, pitch controllers, etc., which are components of the conventional keyboard synthesizer yourself.

Molecule Synth: An Electronic Musical Instrument for Everyone by Travis Feldman - Kickstarter

The video to explain "Molecule Synth" is as follows

We use various palm-sized hexagonal parts in combination.

First is the explanation of the part that produces sound in response to tactile sense called "Digitale molecule".

Connect to the speaker and amplifier section and use it.

This is "photo sensor" which responds to light

"Pressure sensor" that responds by applying pressure such as pressing with a finger

"Flex sensor" to react by bending

"Joystick" reacts by operating the attached stick

It connects like a Lego block, and it is made to be able to produce various sounds by using intuitive use such as pushing and bending.

Next is the part called "analog molecule".

Connect a sound generator that can control the height and size of the sound to the speaker and amplifier section for use.

Furthermore, those with light sensors and knobs ......

LFOThere is also an oscillator for modulation called so that the tempo can be changed freely.

Even if there is no instruction etc, just like combining the individual components like a block sound can be produced ......

Children can enjoy it.

And lastly on the part called "midi molecule".

For example, you can play MIDI data programmed by iPhone application ... ...

Furthermore connect with YAMAHA 's shoulder keyboard ......

You can also create sound through the keyboard.

What comes with when purchasing with a set is four parts that can control sound through tactile sense ......

Three kinds of sound generators ...

Parts that can input MIDI data ......

And, it is a component that the speaker, the amplifier and the audio mixer with the volume controller are united.

When these are set, it is like this. In addition, if you contribute 300 dollars (about 24,000 yen) and pay international shipping cost, it will be shipped in December 2012, the deadline to be able to contribute is September 10 (Monday) 9 am It is up to 2 minutes.

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