Block "ROLI BLOCKS" which can make a variety of electro-music by tapping and sliding light with fingers

A device that can easily create a variety of sounds that correspond to beginners to professionals is "ROLI BLOCKS"is. It's compact size that you can carry with one hand, you can operate it wirelessly with a smartphone, light up on the display push the beautiful light or slide with your finger, you can play the music in no time.


What is it with ROLI BLOCKS? What kind of sound can you play? It is possible to see from the following movie.

What is BLOCKS? - YouTube

This is ROLI BLOCKS. The size is 94 mm × 94 mm × 20 mm, and the weight is 250 g. USB Type-C is adopted as a port for connection & charging with MIDI equipment.

ROLI BLOCKS is a device that creates sound by pushing and repelling lights that light up on the surface of the device.

The main one is a square device "Lightpad Block", you can add various functions by adding other modules.

When overlapping sounds, attach a module "Loop Block" that makes tempo setting and loop recording easier on the Lightpad Block.

To make it even easier to create more versatile sounds, there is also a module called "Live Block" that allows scales, octaves, chords, arpeggios, etc. with a single button.

However, since each module is only for adding functions, basically it is OK if iOS device and Lightpad Block body are available.

Usage is as follows. First turn on the main unit ......

Connect with a dedicated iPhone application.

The application is Instrument view (instrument view) ......

Song view (Song view) can be switched between the two types of screen.

First I will look at the Instrument view. In Instrument view, there are four buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can choose sounds from "Hip Hop Groove Kit", "Dynamic Poly Synth", "String and Horms" modes.

When you select the mode you will play. When I pressed the light of the main unit display with the taunt, the sound began to beep as if I hit the keyboard keyboard.

Even with the same button it is possible to add the strength of the sound by the strength of the pushing force.

It is OK even if you slide your finger to the left or right on the display.

When you take your momentum and release your finger from the display, you will hear a sound like playing instruments according to the movement of your fingers.

Next, to the explanation of Song view. In Song view, there are four buttons on the left side of the screen.

Select base sound here. In addition, it is possible to select multiple bases.

Then return to the Instrument view, you can overlay melodies on the bass. If you want to record sound at this time, you just press the recording button of the application, so it is very easy to create music.

Furthermore, it is possible to add effects such as "Scale" "Arp" "Chord" to the sound.

Even after making a sound, you can listen to the sound by applying that mode by switching the mode.

In addition, you can see how to create sound using modules using the following movie.

BLOCKS: The modular music studio - YouTube

First, connect the Loop Block to the top of the Lightpad Block.

If there is a Loop Block, operation from the smartphone becomes unnecessary. Loop Block Lower / left from the left you can record the sound by pressing the record button, so record the sound of the drum ... ...

Loop Block Change instruments from the upper left button.

Record more melody.

Loop Block When you press the button on the bottom left, you can loop play the recorded melody.

Here, connect another Lightpad Block body.

Loop one sound ......

Another module called Live Block is also added.

It is also possible to apply effects such as "Scale" "Chords" "Arpeggiate notes".

In this way, combining modules makes it possible for even novices to create a variety of sounds.

The Lightpad Block itself is $ 179.95 (about 19,000 yen), Live Block and Loop Block are $ 79.95 (about 8300 yen). The price is included in shipping fee, and it corresponds also to dispatch to Japan.


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