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It is as if a guitar-like fret and a body imitating a string, playing various voices by linking with smartphones, and smart instruments that can cooperate with music-related applications are "Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1"is.Kickstarter's campaignThe thing that was recruiting investment was completed and it reached the editorial department of GIGAZINE, so I decided to play at once.

Artiphon - Strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, loop a beat - on a single instrument. An intuitive digital music experience for beginners and pros alike.

INSTRUMENT 1 that it reached the editorial department. In addition to the main body, a special carry bag and strap were attached.

When opening the lid of the box, a body like a guitar only neck appeared.

On the back of the lid, words of gratitude to the Kickstarter investor who got INSTRUMENT 1 the earliest in the world were printed.

INSTRUMENT 1, MiniUSB - Lightning conversion cable, MiniUSB - USB conversion cable, AC adapter and adapter conversion plug are included in the box.

Up to 12 frets are engraved on the neck (?) Of INSTRUMENT 1, and six sensors are arranged at the position where strings are picked.

The speaker is built in the tip of the neck ... ...

Built-in speaker also on the body side, it reproduces the spread sound with stereo.

Fret number is printed on the neck.

Just below the picking sensor, a rotary switch that switches instruments and adjusts the volume is laid out.

At the bottom of the body, the power button and charging terminal, USB terminal and headphone / microphone terminal are arranged.

INSTRUMENT 1 can not be used alone, it is necessary to connect with iOS device or PC / Mac. This time I decided to connect to the iPhone and try playing.

So I actually drew it from the movie below. You can see how it starts playing from the sound of the guitar and switching to the tone of violin, piano, drum, synthesizer system and playing.

I tried playing smart instrument "Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1" which can produce various sounds on one unit - YouTube

When playing, firstlyApplication for iOSInstall and run it. The guitar is selected on the initial screen.

Even if the instrument is a guitar, the place where you do not necessarily need to play with the same playing style as the guitar is an interesting place of "smart instrument". Although it is a guitar, it is possible to freely switch between modes that reproduce the feeling of playing with a bow like a violin, and "fretless" mode without frets.

On the setting screen, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity when holding the fingerboard, and freely set the movement amount of Capotast. You can also switch between right-handed / left-handed with button 1 tap.

Instruments are "VIOLIN" and ...

Classic instruments such as "PIANO" are preset.

In the case of "DRUMS", it is possible to draw a tone by fret position only without relation of strings by default. It seems that the sounds are lined up with the feeling that the 1st fret eye is a bass drum, the 2nd fret eye is a hand crap, the 3rd fret eye is a snare drum, basically it is set to GM sound source compliant setting.

"ARP VIBES" is a mode that you can use "arpeggiator" to automatically play the notes of the pressed fret in turn. By default, the sound of the harp (vibes) is set.

"SLIDER BASS" can play like fretless bass.

"ORGANISM" can be played with the tone of the organ as its name suggests.

"SQUAREPRESSURE" can be played with sounds like old-fashioned analog synths.

When I actually played, there was a scene in which the sensitivity was adjusted well and it was able to reflect the feeling when playing the raw instruments to a certain extent, so it was unintentionally going into the performance. At first, I tried to play various things with unusual things, but when I think about it well, I notice that the aim of this instruments is not the place where real instruments are reproduced. Considering how to use unique smart instruments that work in conjunction with smartphones, you can think of connecting to Apple 's Garage Band to record performance and data. When I tried it for about an hour, I began to think that "I'm surely a new conceptual instrument interface", but it is unknown how it is used in practice. Because it is a waste to end it as a simple guitar synth, I felt like I could create a way of making music in conjunction with smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is on sale at 399 dollars (about 45,000 yen) on the manufacturer's official online site. As a shipping cost to Japan it costs 50 dollars (about 5700 yen) separately.

Artiphon | The INSTRUMENT 1 - Now Shipping

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