A kit "Flotilla" that makes it easy to make things you want with Raspberry Pi easily

ArduinoYaRaspberry PiIf you use a microcomputer like this you can easily develop a complex system from a simple device, but even if it's so, it is hard to get to a completely newbie. An entry kit for removing the height of such a hurdle is "Flotilla"is.

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You can see what kind of product Flotilla is seeing by looking at the movie below.

Flotilla is a kit that anyone can easily make monozukuri using Raspberry Pi. Paper crafts shown here are all made to work with Flotilla.

Also called the heart of Flotilla is a substrate called this "dock". The "dock" has a terminal connected to the Raspberry Pi main unit with a red cable, and 8 terminals connected by a blue cable and parts called "modules" with various functions.

There are 12 kinds of "modules" connected to "dock", and by combining these, various devices can be made. Furthermore, since it is possible to connect up to four "docks", it is also possible to connect up to 32 modules.

The function of each module is as follows.
·"Light": It is possible to sense brightness. You can also sense that there is an object in front of the sensor.
·"Color": It is possible to sense the color by putting it close to the object.
·"Motion": It is possible to sense movement in three dimensions.
·"Dial": Can be used to adjust the volume, can be used as a handle.
·"Barometer": It is possible to measure ambient temperature and pressure. You can also sense changes in altitude.
·"Number (Number)": Display 4 digit number.
·"LED Matrix (LED Matrix)": It is possible to display icons and figures with 8 × 8 LEDs or use it for game display screen.
·"Joystick": As its name suggests, you can use it for games and operate robots.
·"Motor (Motor)": As a winch to run a tire, send a wind with a propeller, wind up a thread.
·"Rainbow": Five full color LEDs are carried and it is possible to shine with various colors.
·"Slider": It is possible to change the value continuously by raising and lowering the slider.
·"Touch": You can sense that four sensors touched.

For example, if you combine three sets of dials and LED matrix, you can enjoy old-fashioned "tennis game".

Also, turn on the tires and run around ......

It can also be a complex machine like a power shovel.

Amy makes a penguin by combining paper craft and Flotilla.

A cute penguin that moves the feathers with clattering is completed.

Even though it's Flotilla, which makes it easy to make things, it is difficult to make something suddenly for beginners suddenly. For such a person, Flotilla offers programs that are divided into four stages of "Cookbook" "Rockpool" "Scratch" "Python".

"Cookbook" is a program that can make the most basic simple device. Basically you can combine modules to make a device.

In "Rockpool", it is possible to create a slightly complicated system using an iPad or the like. In this way it is possible to gradually acquire complex knowledge.

This Flotilla is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. For the target amount of 33,768 pounds (about 6 million yen), about 120 thousand pounds (about 22 million yen) is gathered from more than 1,200 investors at the time of article creation. The following set is set in the equity investment frame.

◆ Mini Starter Kit: £ 24 (approx. 4400 yen)
Flotilla Dock and the start guide, "Cookbook" with Dock cable and two module cables set, modules include "touch sensor" and "rainbow".

◆ Medium Starter Kit: 39 lbs (about 7100 yen)
In addition to the contents of the "Mini Starter Kit" above, this kit includes two sensors, a "light sensor" and a "barometer", a module cable, and a kit for making a paper craft.

◆ Large Starter Kit: 64 pounds (about 12,000 yen)
The above "Medium Starter Kit" "light sensor" was changed to "color sensor", and "motion sensor" "dial" "LED matrix" "slider" was added. The kit comes with "Instrument kit (noise maker)" which can make a sound.

◆ Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit: £ 109 (about 20,000 yen)
This kit is exactly what you can call "all entering". In addition to the above, there are two "Motor / Wheel", "Number", "Joystick" and "Robo Kit" as a set, and it is content that can enjoy all of Flotilla if it is this.

For shipping to Japan, a postage of 10 pounds (about 1800 yen) is required separately. The deadline of investment is Japan time by Monday, February 16, 2015 (18:21), and shipping time is scheduled around May 2015.

Flotilla for Raspberry Pi - Friendly Electronics by Pimoroni Ltd - Kickstarter

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I tried using a kit "Flotilla" which can program operation electronic parts connected to Raspberry Pi without code entry - GIGAZINE

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