Arduino / Scratch compatible smart watch "watchX" you can program yourself

Although it is a smart watch that can be used for various purposes such as schedule management and health care, it is necessary to wait for an application that is necessary for himself to appear. However, the Arduino based smart watch platform "watchX"If you have the features you want, you can develop it and install it on Smart Watch.

watchX - Wearable Development Platform - YouTube

If you try to develop your own smart watch, you will not be troubled by the difficulty of breadboards, sensors, cumbersome cables to be small and situations where only development platforms are older than anything else.

It was developed for a maker who wants to create such a smart watch only for himself, a smart watch "watchX" that can be programmed by oneself.

watchX is a wearable terminal equipped with 1.3 inch (128 × 64 pixels) organic EL display.

It is Arduino compatible, so you can program yourself using the Arduino IDE.

In addition to the normal watch function, it also has the necessary functions for smart watch such as Bluetooth connection, accelerometer, pressure gauge, buzzer etc.

Programming watchX is OK if you connect with PC using USB cable.

ScratchBecause it is compatible, programming using the GUI is possible.

Children can learn about programming, industrial design, etc. in the process of making their own smart watch program for themselves.

Of course not only fitness applications ......

It is also OK for training.

If you do free climbing, you can write a program using altimeter.

A case is not attached to watchX.

However, 3D data for exclusive use cases is provided ......

You can output by yourself using a 3D printer.

Even if it is not for a wristwatch, even for stopwatches and alarms OK. Of course it is also possible to use it as an ordinary watch.

Because it is equipped with game mode by default ... ...

Race games and ... ...

You can play "block break". Of course, it is OK to install your own game and enjoy.

WatchX developers Mustafa and Ennes. watchX is a terminal created for young engineers and it is being developed as a tool to learn industrial design.

Although watchX can develop programs with Scratch, it is also possible to compile code using Atmel Studio.

Low-level code and libraries will be offered, even advanced users can enjoy the program.

Wearable programable watchable terminal platform "watchX" that you write your own code is looking for investment at cloud funding site Indiegogo aiming for mass production.

watchX - Wearable Development Platform | Indiegogo

At the time of writing, at the time of contribution to the watchX project, it is possible to get with watchX kit × 1 and "Early Bird" pack with silicon band at $ 69 (about 7600 yen), shipping fee to Japan at $ 12 (about 1300 yen) 0 payrence closed payday payrence twain payrence - Shipping in the first week of February 2018 is scheduled.

The term of contribution to the watchX project is until October 11, 2017.

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