The recipe of "beet with insects" once drunk is released, what is its utility?

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There is a function to enrich imaginationIt is said that beer is olderIt was made 4000 BC agoThere is also the theory that. In the ancient Roman empire, "beer with insects" was drunk, and its utility and recipeThe Recipes ProjectIt is open to the public.

Wormy beer and wet nursing in the Roman Empire | The Recipes Project

In ancient Romans and ancient Greece, "beer is considered a drink by barbarian people", basically it was preferring wine rather than beer. According to a document left by Dioscoridas, a pharmacologist active around the century, at the time, there were two kinds of beer at the time.

The first one is beer using barley called Zuthos. Zuthos has a diuretic effect that affects the kidneys and tendons, and was thought to hurt the mucosa. further,ElephantiasisIt was thought that it caused people to become conscious or to create bad jokes.

ByDavid, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott

And the other is beer called Kourmi. In Spain and the UK etc, beer was mainly made from wheat, but like Zuthos Kourmi was also raw barley. Although Kourmi was often drunk instead of wine, it was thought to cause headaches and adversely affect nerves.

As mentioned above, since the view that beer adversely affects people is common, it is said that beer was mainly used for softening the angle to be engraved, not for drinking. However, only the nanny was apart. A physician named Antyllus who existed around the 2nd century left the document "It is good to give a beer for 10 days after fasting to a nanny that can not be breastfeeding enough."

However, it is not just a beer to drink at that time, it was designated as "a beer to which 5 to 6 insects caught from mud and a river are ground together with jujube and wine wine and added it" That's right. The idea that this "beer and jujube is good for breast milk" remains to date, and some countries drink non alcoholic beers for breast milk, but the culture of "eat insects for breast milk" culture disappears It seems I got it.

ByJudy van der Velden

However, this dates are used in Egypt, although this dates are in the Roman Empire, as dates are not likely to bear fruits in Italy or Greece and muds or rivers that take insects are considered to point to the Nile River It is thought that it was. At that time, EgyptianAlexandriaHe is known as a medical center and saved many nanny with insect and beer recipes.

ByNick Koch Weiler

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