"Yakui-eat set meal", which is warmed from the core of the body with spices and ginger, "Porkkin ginger pot set meal" taste review

In the new menu of Yaoya's Pot setting food "Curry Pot setting meal"Set warm pork ginger pot"Joined from December 2 (Wednesday). We have curry pots with pork and wiener stewed in curry soup with perfect spice for cold seasons, and eaten a ginger pot stewed with pork and mizuna in a sushi style with ginger which has ginger effective, and warmly warmed up It was.

"Curry Pot setting food" on December 2 (Wed) Limited new limited release! | What's New | Yaoyui

"Pokakoka ginger pot set meal" December 2 (Wed) limited release new for a limited time! | What's New | Yaoyui

Arrived at the Yayoi restaurant.

"Tofu Tige set meal"Spicy food set with SukiyakiWhat is the new menu of Nabe set meal that follows, after all?

So when we purchase a ticket, we arrived at a curry pot set meal in about 12 to 13 minutes. It seems that it takes more time than other menus because it is offered after stewing well with the pot as it is not a type of cooked at the desk like a pot menu of beef bowl chain store.

The main curry sauce is like this. The aroma of spice and soup combined with appetite does not accumulate. Curry soup which soup worked is the hotness that sweat gets gradually gentle as you eat it, even if you are not good at hot things, it is just as hot as you can eat. In addition, I noticed it later, it seems that spicy spice which can adjust spice originally comes with spicy spice.

Garnish with croquette and raw vegetables.

Rice can be changed to 16 crore rice for free, but I ordered it without any change by saying "Curry is white rice!"

Pork and pork and ....

Winner · spinach · deep-fried tofu

Mature eggs are also included.

Udon appeared from the bottom.

Curry soup is Japanese style finish like curry udon.

Separately it is like this.

Trying to break the eggs, the yolk is stunningly rough.

When you eat it quickly, you feel crispy skin from the wiener that has been boiled well. Smelling smell is best match with spice and it seems to be said that it is the best ingredient for curry pot.

Pork has sweetness of fat in spices, which is also good compatibility. As ingredients cooked in curry soup are all cooked rice, if you make it to white rice, you can enjoy free curry pots for you.

When you eat udon no longer is completely a pot, but feeling that you are eating curry udon.

The croquette garnish is crispy and it is delicious enough even if you eat it as it is ....

It can also be eaten like a curry croquette by putting it on soup.

Next I will eat "warm-hearted pork dish set meal".

The ginger pot is like this.

Unlike curry saucepan, garnish is attached, it is attached.

I tried healthy sixteen rice rice for rice.

The ingredients of the pot are not grated and needle ginger ......

Mizuna, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts

It contains pork and fried chicken.

It is like this when it is settled. The fragrance of ginger is felt mugen, and it seems that it will warm your body anyhow. I noticed it here, but it seems that there is no white onions. When I checked with the store personnel, it seemed that the input was missing, and I received an offer to rebuild. I refused politely because there was no time this time, but do not worry because it is included as originally.

The flavor of the ginger is also working firmly on chicken broiled salt-based soup.

When I try to eat it in Atsuazu, the boiled pork is soft and it tastes different from curry saucepan. It seems to fit well even if you put a shrill.

Although the soup stock is based on salt, but the seasoning is dense, rice also goes on with boiled vegetables. When eating needle ginger, the fragrance of ginger and slightly bitter sprinkle spread in the mouth, the body starts to feel warmly different from spice. A favorite house with a grand prize beforeSet meal for chicken meatballEven though I ate it, the Yaoya restaurant feeled a "warm feeling" strongly. Also, because it is a high temperature insulated soil pot, you could enjoy a warm pot until the end even if not on fire.

Crispy Asifui is a Worcester sauce. It seemed that it would not fit with the same croquette as curry saucepan, so it seems to be firmly thought until garnishing.

In addition, the energy amount of "Curry Pot setting food" is 1045 kcal (white rice), the price is 850 yen including tax. "Pokakoka ginger pot set meal" is 819 kcal (white rice) and 890 yen including tax, both of which are period limited menus.

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