Matsuya "Tofu Kimuchichige set & Tigerkalbi baked set" to the core of the body to shine

Matsuya starts from November 21 (Thursday) at the timing when the cold becomes more and more strict nationwideTofu Kimuchichige Set"When"Tiger kalbi baked setWe will sell. The price of tofu Kimuchichige set is 490 yen including tax, Tigerkalbi baked set is 680 yen including tax and it can be eaten at affordable price for Tige so I went to Matsuya and ate it.

Tofu Kimuchichigen set released! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Although there is a sign in the shop, it can be confirmed by the menu of the ticket vending machines, even though it is sometimes immediately after release. Since it can not be helped, I will hand over the money at the takeaway place and buy it.

"Tofu Kimuchichige set" and "Tigerkabi baked set" arrived in less than 10 minutes waiting. Especially the scent of kimchi was not tight.

Tofu Kimuchichige set is a set of tofu Kimuchichige · rice · raw egg or half-round egg.

Kimchichige's soup is not so "crimson", but it looks spicy.



Stewed beef

There is a green onion in the middle.

When I try to eat tofu scooped, the compatibility of kimchee soup and tofu is good. Soup is full of taste and sweetness such as vegetables and spicy is not so intense. Rather the sweetness is considerably stronger and it is a spicy eat that can be eaten if it is not extremely weak to spicy.

Kimchi is plentiful in soup, enough to eat and respond. It is not that the taste has escaped to the soup, you can enjoy the taste of kimchi firmly.

To the beef you can enjoy the taste of soup and you can enjoy a bit different flavored taste with baked beef. Even if you eat with rice, the taste of chopsticks progresses steadily.

It is nice to eat rice soaked in soup. Because there is spicy, it arouses appetite.

When eating to a certain extent, put rice into tofu Kimuchichige.

I mix rice and kimchi and make me a gruel.

Break an egg ... ....

I stir.

Warm eggs ......

The appearance is not good, but the completion of the grandfather.

The egg 's richness adds to a more mild taste. Even if you eat raw eggs as a gruel, it is an ant to use like a melting egg of Sukiyaki.

Tiger kalbi baked set is a tofu Kimuchichige set with added roasted calbee.

Calbee grilled meat is not particularly tasty.

Put a sweet Calvi sauce on the desk ... ...

It is good to eat with rice.

Put in tofu Kimuchichige ......

You can soak it in soup and eat it well. Unlike what is being cooked in soup, the taste of Calbi is felt firmly. If you add 190 yen to the tofu Kimchi-chi set, you can add carvill grilled meat, so when you want to eat gutsuri it is recommended to order with the Tigekalbi baked set.

"Tofu Kimuchichige set" and "Tigerkabi baked set" are sold for a limited time only. It is a menu that you can eat and get warm, so it is recommended for the cold season.

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