I watched the ally of "Jitetsu" and the indoor type parking lot "Velosta" in the city building

In the spread of the bicycle boom, replace daily commuting with a bicycle "Jitetsu (bicycle commuter)There are an increasing number of people shifting to. But on the other hand, trying to put the JITETUsu into practice is not enough to park the bicycle in the office town, or you can not bring the car you bought to the company as hard as you can, but you can not bear to keep it outdoors There are a lot of people who are abandoning Jitetsu. In order to solve such a problem, we provide a bicycle parking service of membership system specialized in sports bike in urban building "VerostaSince it was said that it was open, I decided to look inside as to how it can be used.

Member-based monthly bicycle parking lot (Osaka / Saksase Honcho) Specialized in sports bike "Velosta"

◆ Bicycle parking space specialized for sports bike "Velosta" and
Verosta is a membership-based indoor-type bicycle parking system offering services in Osaka City, and as of the end of November 2015, 4 stores in Osaka City and 1 store in Kyoto City are open, and in December Furthermore, one shop is scheduled to be opened in Osaka city.

The merit of Verosta that is posted on the site of the store is like this. Since it is in the building, it is not exposed to rain breeze, and it is a system that only members can enter, so the risk of the theft and falling is low. Also, because you can secure your own bicycle parking space, you will be relieved from suffering wandering in search of a parked place.

In June 2014, Verosta will become the first store near Sakaisuji Honcho Subway Subway Station in Chuo Ward, OsakaVerosta Sakaisuji Honmachi StoreIs open. Since the number of accommodated 25 cars is full and waiting for cancellation comes out, in August 2015 almost one year later, it will be the second store near Honcho Subway StationVerosta Honmachi Store"Is open.

Furthermore, in October 2015, "Velosta Kyoto Shijo Karasumaru Store"When"VEROSTA Nishitenmachi Store"In November,"Velosta Kitahama Doshomachi branch"Was opened, and in early December"Velosta Nishimoto Town StoreIt is planned to be opened. Both of them are open only in the Kansai area, but it is said that future developments to the Kanto area and other places are also considered.

◆ First we've seen "Verosta Sakaisuji Honmachi Store"
Where preliminary knowledge came into my head, I asked people in Verosta to see the actual situation. First we visited the first shop opened in 2014, the Sakaisuji Honmachi store. It is located on the first floor of a building facing the street with a single street from the main street.

Signboard sign "velo-st.com" near the entrance is a landmark.

To enter Velosta, you will need an IC card to be handed in after application. By incorporating this mechanism, we are improving security and managing entry information.

When I entered it was like this. One of the buildings was renovated into a parking space, which was different from the scenery from the name "bicycle parking lot". There are 25 bicycle parking spaces available, but it is said that they are already fully loaded.

Take a bicycle from the door on the other side of the wall and park it in a dedicated bicycle rack assigned to each user. Accessories and change of clothes are placed around the bicycle rack, so you can easily change clothes and head for the company.

Although it is simple, there is also a changeable space of the type that divides with a curtain. Although women are included in service users, it is still a matter of concern for women to change clothes in this space. For changing clothes in such cases ......

It is possible to use the gorgeous toilet decorated directly by the owner of the building.

I will put my eyes back in the room. A wooden rack was assembled in the room, and a steel black bicycle stand was installed there.

Looking at the stand up like this. As this bicycle stand itself is used on the market, there is no concern about durability and storage performance.

When riding a bicycle, you fix one's pedal crank to the stopper of the rack in this way to fix the bicycle tightly. In addition, as a bicycle ride, users are most likely to be tied to stands with "chain lock" which is also common sense. Actual users were stopped motorbikes, so I could not touch them arbitrarily, but it was a kind of atmosphere that seems to be unlikely to get off by a bit of gentleness.

You can also check on how to stop on a detailed stand on the official YouTube channel of Verosta.

【How to use the vertical type parking stand】 Membership bicycle parking lot specialized for sports bicycle opened in Sakaisuji Honcho "Velosta" - YouTube

◆ Next I saw "Verosta Honcho Store"
Next to the Sakaisuji Honmachi store, we have seen the "Verosta Honmachi Store" which is the second store. The Honcho branch is located about 5 minutes on foot from the Sakaisuji Honmachi store in the past, and it is on the 4th floor of the building where FamilyMart is located. This shop is sticking out the guide of the shop to the metal signboard.

Enter the entrance of the building ......

I ride a bicycle like this and get on the elevator. By the way, Hiroko Osaki who is the founder of Verosta who has a bicycle.

The interesting part of the Honcho branch is "that the parking lot is on the 4th floor of the building." Indeed it is almost impossible to use the vacant lot space to park the parking lot, or there are almost two-storey facilities in front of the station, but it is almost an unprecedented attempt to rebuild the building's room as a bicycle park. It can be said that it is quite interesting to use as a countermeasure for empty rooms in the building.

When opening an IC card type door the inside looks like this. There is a different type of wooden rack that is different from the Sakaisuke Honmachi store, and the atmosphere seems to have slipped into the jungle gym. The number of parking spaces has been drastically increased to 57 cars, and when we interview at the end of November 2015 there are already 22 guests, so the remaining space is 35 cars.

In the Honcho branch, a stand made of metal such as Sakaisuji Honmachi store is not used, instead this wooden rack is fitted with such metal fittings ......

In this way, it is designed to hook the front wheel and fix it.

Such a translucent tire receiver was installed around the time the rear wheels come.

In Honmachi Store, there is a changeable space with a toilet and a door in the space.

It is like this in the changing clothes space. With the presence of the door, it seems to be able to change more securely.

There should be many people who cared here, "Is there no shower?Gimon is saying, Osaki representatively explained to me about this matter. Although setting up a shower is of course a challenge for the future, it is true that there is the idea that "Is it really necessary to take a shower?" Indeed, it is not an overstatement to say that it is proved that showering is not essential, as most of the people who are already litters are in an environment without showers even in the summer. Although it is possible to set up a shower, because it is inevitable to raise the usage fee by doing so,You can leave cheap so no showerDo you take "I want a shower because it can be expensiveWas the opinion to be dominant, was that it wanted to depend on the voice of the actual user.

In fact, in stores scheduled to open in the future, it is said that the introduction of shower experimentally is also planned. There are people saying "There should be water and towels in summer", so there was explanation that we will respond flexibly according to the voice of the user in the future.

Inside the shop there is a Buddhist-style and American style air cushion, and there is also a large blower, so it seems to be okay if you sweat it at once in a wind even if you sweat.

History of "Velosta" was born
In this way, Verosta simply provides the service according to the voice of the user, but its birth is also greatly concerned with the recruitment of investment in cloud funding. Cloud funding site "CAMPFIREWe have successfully completed the campaign carried out in "

I would like to commute to work by bicycle! Let's increase membership parking space for sports bike - CAMPFIRE (campfire)

Even in the following movies created during the campaign, the origin of Verosta is explained in detail.

Introducing Velo-st Introduction What is Verosta? - YouTube

When the representative Mr. Osaki began commuting to work on a bicycle, he often said that he frequently asked "Where are my bicycles stopped?" That is, it is a flip side that the parking environment surrounding the bicycle in the urban area is not good, indeed, in the vicinity of Honmachi where Velosta was made only about 1,000 parking spaces are prepared, and they are temporary use It was only that there were no places where you could secure your own space.

The bicycle that could not be stopped at the bicycle parking lot will be placed in the space beside the road or the side of the building and will be exposed to rain blows and the risk of damage and theft. It is said that "Monthly Membership Bicycle Parking Space" that was made under the concept of solving such a problem by a method of "sharing one room of a building with a person who wants to commute bicycle" was Verosta.

By the way, Mr. Osaki, representative of Verosta, is a rare co-working space in Osaka "Osakan SpaceIt is also a person who manages the Osakan Space. From the circle of people gathered from various industries, there is an environment where a new service like Velosta is born.

Osaka's Coworking Space: Osakan Space (along the Osakan Space): It is a Coworking space (co-working space) 30 seconds from Honmachi station Higashi-Midosuji exit immediately.

Five stores have already been opened as described above, and in December 2015, the sixth store is scheduled to open. The monthly usage fee is 6000 yen to 6500 yen. Also, it is said that we are also looking for a store management with a franchise system, and management seminars are regularly held. It seems that the environment is prepared for people who wanted to start Jitetsu as well as those who would like to join the side who provides the service together.

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