"Pan cake of the sun" which imaged the World Expo and plenty of five kinds of fruits appeared in Eggs'n Things so I ate it

On Thursday 19th November 2015EXPOCITY, the largest large complex in JapanHas opened. "Eggs'n Things" known for pancakes with whipped cream was also opening a new store in EXPOCITY, but for the limited time it was the symbol tower of the 1970 Osaka World Expo -Tower of the SunI imagined "Sun pancakeBecause it is provided with a service, so I went to the shop and confirmed what kind of pancakes it was.

Eggs 'n Things in the 13 th store in Japan open on November 19 (Thur) in Japan's largest large complex "EXPOCITY" ~ Open memorial "Limited solar pancake" limited release ~ | Eggs' n Things

So, on the open day EXPOCITY.

Eggs'n ThingsLaLaport EXPOCITY's "EXPO KITCHEN"It is on the second floor of the hotel.

It was a weekday, but when I arrived at around 13:40, I was to wait for an hour. It seems that a longer row was formed around 12 to 13 o'clock.

You will receive a menu table while waiting, so you can decide what to order with the wait time.

After waiting for about an hour, I was able to enter the store. The inside of the store feels as follows, the number of seats is 48 seats.

Two people 's table seat was introduced.

Maple syrup, coconut sauce and guava sauce are placed on the table.

When ordering LaLaport EXPOCITY limited "pancakes of the sun" ......

A pancake was delivered in about 10 minutes. For sweets, there are differences between photos and the real thing, but the pancakes of the sun are a flashy appearance as shown in the picture.

It is about this size compared with iPhone 5.

The height is like this.

Although Eggs'n Things is famous for its whipped cream, the pancake of the sun is surrounded by a whipped cream whipped with raspberry sauce around the pancake.

A lot of colorful fruits such as strawberry, banana, pineapple, blueberry, mango on the pancake. It seems that this is regarded as a customer gathering from all over the world.

So when you eat a pizza and a bite, the sweetness of a thick custard cream and the sweetness & plenty of fruits used plenty spread in your mouth.

The pancake is a bit more motty than the fluffy texture. If you eat without cream you will not feel sweet, it is a crispy taste.

Whipped cream is very light, but good taste of milk is good.

Since pancakes are thinly stacked in three layers, there was considerable volume.

The pink cream hung on pancakes is a custard using dragon fruits. Dragon fruits themselves taste difficult to capture the characteristics, so it is certainly a creamy custard that is rich, but there is no fruity in particular. Instead, it is said that the fruit is the pancake with the fruit as the leading role, as the rich sweetness, juicy and acidity of fruits such as pineapple, mango, blueberry are extruded all over.

Strawberries were not raw and the compote was used.

When you want to change the taste it is ok if you apply guava sauce etc. put on the table.

The refreshing acidity of the fruit and the sweetness like honey of guava sauce are well matched. On the whole it is not "just sweet", and even if it is applied with guava sauce, the fruit acidity, sweetness of cream, mellow whipped cream, etc. were felt properly.

The price of the sun pancake is 1650 yen, which is available until January 31, 2016 (Sunday).

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