I tried drinking the strange drink "Penguin Snow Dome" where the penguin floats on the snow gloom at the Kyoto Aquarium

The glass object "Snow Dome" that reproduced the snowy scenery was tailored as a drinkPenguin Snow Dome"Has appeared in Kyoto aquarium from Friday, November 13, 2015. I went to the Kyoto aquarium to see what it is like with snow drinks.

Penguin Snow Dome | Kyoto Aquarium

Arrived at the Kyoto Aquarium. In front of the entrance there was preparations for Christmas illumination to be held after sunset, such as dolphin type electric decoration.

To the Harvest Cafe on the second floor where "Penguin Snow Dome" is sold.

This is the "penguin snow globe". The price is 500 yen for nonalcoholic alcohol, 600 yen for tax included with tax.

From the top you can see the appearance of the penguin is clear. The penguins are made of grapes of fruit, and the bottom of the cup contains green and red cherries of Christmas colors.

The snow of the snow globe is expressed using fine coconut powder, it is floating with fluffy drink in a thick drink, it feels just like a snow globe. In addition to coconut powder, it is rich with colorful gumi such as red and green.

Taking out the penguin, it is made by combining two fruits of grapes with nuts, and the thin part of the tummy's hair is firmly expressed.

Green green apple syrup is sinking at the bottom of the cup, mix well before drinking.

After drinking it is a trolleyy jelly like drink and the sweet and sour taste of the green apple spreads to the mouth. It is said that it is producing a distinctive texture made into a trolley by blending ingredients that adds thickening to water, which is a little softer than the "Wider in jelly".

Fresh ones are used for grapes, and juice overflows with juice chewing.

The cherry which is in the bottom of the cup is pickled in syrup, and the sweetness is strengthened with a tingy texture like gummy.

After finishing the drink, I will return the glasses to the exclusive return place.

In the museum shop on the 1st floor of the Kyoto Aquarium, a huge "Giant Salamander Plush Tree" is displayed from November 13 (Fri) on Christmas period only.

In addition to the stuffed animal of large and small Salamander 's wild plants, green notes of green salamander stuffed animals were also added to the tree.

At the top of the tree, instead of the star of the Christmas tree, the ribbon is tied with a Japanese style cloth like a kimono belt, and the atmosphere is like a Christmas tree and a New Year's decoration merged.

At the same time as opening the museum shop, the guests were pounding on each other. If I go to see what is going on ....

The customer's aim is the huge "Giant salamander plush toy with muffler" (13,000 yen including tax) with a total length of 130 cm, limited to Christmas. In the previous year it sold out in 30 days only sold out in 3 days, so it seems that 2015 was increased to a limited number of 50, but the customers of the giant salamander have been flooded and the giant salamander was lined up on the shelf It was sold out with killing.

About 1 hour from the sale, it seems that nearly half of the 50 pieces have been sold, so it seems that the popularity of giant salamander is popular.

"Oo salamander plush toy slipper" (2500 yen including tax) using the same fluffy fabric as a stuffed animal is also newly appearing.

You can see the real giant salamander in the exhibition space just in from the entrance of the Kyoto aquarium.

Also celebrating the penguin eggs being born at the Kyoto AquariumHappy Penguin Christmas!"Is held, and a huge Christmas tree is decorated besides the stuffed tree of the salad pearl oyster.

In the penguin zone, Cape Penguin was warming eggs in a special nest box. Most of the penguins in and out of the nest box are couple and they often seem to be together while warming eggs.

Cape Penguin seems to grow to the same size as an adult in about a month since birth, but when comparing the penguin born 1 year ago (left) and the adult penguin (right), the left penguin has feathers Is still breaking out and you can see that it is different from the pattern of adults.

The Cape Penguin in the midst of hair replacement has such a feeling, the back part is mottled.

During the holding of "Happy Penguin Christmas!" It is possible to see the keeper's handmade Cape Penguin breeding diary etc etc.

Furthermore, it is possible to drink "penguin snow globe" from Friday, November 13, 2015 (Friday), during "Happy Penguin Christmas!" Held.

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