"Bluetooth Smart" is twice the communication speed, the range is quadrupled, IoT can be used with mesh network support

Organizations that formulate Bluetooth standardsBluetooth SIG, Bluetooth Smart announced that it is capable of doubling the communication speed compared to the past, the range that can be communicated is four times higher than before, and furthermore, the mesh network that the terminals can communicate bi-directionally. With mesh network support of Bluetooth Smart, finallyThe Internet's Internet (IoT)It is likely to begin spreading in earnest.

Bluetooth Technology to Gain Longer Range, Faster Speed, and Mesh Networking in 2016

Bluetooth SIG, which standards organizations of Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Toshiba etc. will participate, will release the 2016 technology roadmap. Among them, we are clarifying the communication performance of "Bluetooth Smart".

According to this, Bluetooth Smart has doubled the communication speed, the communication range is up to four times, and the power consumption is not only the basic communication performance improvement that is the same level as before, but also the "mesh network We support that. Conventionally, in order for multiple Bluetooth terminals to communicate with each other, it was a structure that the slave units are connected to the hub as the master unit. However, in the mesh network, host terminals are unnecessary and terminals can communicate with each other to construct a large network. In other words, the coverage of the network is dramatically expanded.

ByIndi Samarajiva

Mesh network correspondence that enables mutual communication between terminals may accelerate the spread of IoT rapidly. Tobey Nixon chairman of Bluetooth SIG said, "The potential market size of IoT is estimated to be 2 trillion dollars (about 245 trillion yen) to 11 trillion 100 billion dollars (about 1361 trillion yen) by 2025, Bluetooth Smart technology will accelerate the rapid growth of the IoT market. "

The transmission speed is doubled, the range is quadrupled, Bluetooth Smart supporting mesh network will be put to practical use in 2016. Details of the roadmap will be announced within the next few months including additional features of Bluetooth Smart.

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