Tag Heuer's exclusive smart watch "TAG HEUER CONNECTED WATCH" that over 180,000 yen appears, the real thing looks like this

Swiss luxury watch brand "TAG HEUER(TAG Heuer) "will partner with Google and Intel to work on developing" Smart Watch "with" Android Wear "Presented in March 2015was doing. Finally in November when about 8 months have elapsed, Smart Watch which Tag Heuer finally carries Android Wear with $ 1500 (about 180,000 yen) "TAG HEUER CONNECTED WATCH(Tag Heuer Connected Watch) "is announced.

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The first TAG HEUER CONNECTED WATCH smart watch "TAG HEUER CONNECTED WATCH" (hereinafter "CONNECTED") developed by TAG Heuer in collaboration with Google · Intel is like this design. When announcing the alliance, TAG Heuer's "CARRERA(Carrera) "It was rumored to be a design, but the design is certainly similar to Carrera, and the letter" CARRERA "is also displayed on the dial part of the connected. The dial part is a 1.5 inch round liquid crystal display and the resolution is 360 × 360 (240 ppi).

The cover glass at the top of the display is sapphire glass and it also has waterproof performance equivalent to IP 67.

Crown button on the side.

There is a pin for charging on the back, but there is no sensor etc for heart rate measurement. Connected by IntelIntel Atom Z34XX(1.6 GHz dual core), so the character "Intel" is engraved on the back. Other specifications correspond to memory 1GB, storage 4GB, wireless connection to Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11n, the battery capacity is 410 mAh.

The wristband part is made of rubber material, and color variations are also abundant.

The installed Android Wear is exactly the same as the one installed in the smart watch released by Motorola, LG, Samsung, Huawei etc. However, TAG Heuer independently developed a watch face and some applications, and it is installed in the terminal.

A movie with the appearance that the real machine is running is also made public.

Hands-on with the $ 1,500 Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch - YouTube

This is TAG Heuer's Smart Watch, Connected. It looks like a regular look like a wrist watch, but if you look closely well you can see that the face of the dial is a liquid crystal display.

Since the body part of the wristwatch is made of titanium, the main body is very lightly finished. The Verge says, "It has a better structure than any smart watch on the market."

The wristband is made of rubber, and the color variation is seven types of red, green, orange, black, yellow, white and blue.

Of course, since it is equipped with Android Wear, you can also run the application. Since the processor uses Intel Atom Z34XX, its operation is very smooth, but "The Interest is puzzling whether it can withstand use in the real world," The Verge comments.

Compared with Motorola's Moto 360, it looks like this. The size is 46 mm in diameter and 12.8 mm in thickness. Although it looks much better than the existing smart watch than the existing watch, if you say "What really can be done?", It means that there is not much difference from smart watches already on sale.

Connected adopts a display that can read a dial well even under direct sunlight called "transflective display".

Tag Heuer says, "As a result of enormous efforts, I was able to finish the connection looking like a smartwatch, rather it was finished to be a higher class than what is known as our watch," , Appearing confident in the finished connection.

"The display is sharp and vivid," but it is said to be at a level where pixels can be seen when seen nearby.

Of course it does not keep the display constantly lit, the screen gets darker with time and it is suppressed the consumption of the battery.

Even if the display gets dark it seems that a dial is always displayed as if the dial is displayed.

Connected seems to detect the movement of the terminal like the Apple Watch and light up the dial.

Other high-definition photos of Connected are as follows.

Wear on arm

Bezel part



Dial during application operation






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