A slim and compact high-class smart watch "LG Watch Urbane" featuring metal parts appeared

A round watch face and a smart watch featuring high-end specifications using many metal parts "LG Watch Urbane"LG announced. Before modelLG G Watch RThe same 1.3-inch display is carried, but the thickness of the bezel and the main body has become thinner, it has evolved into a more compact and elegant appearance.

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This is LG Watch Urbane. Stainless steel is used for the body part, high-end specification that the leather band is also used natural leather.

Read the following article to see what kind of smart watch "LG G Watch R" equipped with the same round watch face & 1.3 inch display as the previous model, LG Watch Urbane, is. In LG G Watch R plastic parts are used for body parts, bezels and body are thicker than LG Watch Urbane.

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The body color gold of LG Watch Urbane looks like this.

A crown button is also attached, and it looks like an ordinary watch itself.

The body color also has silver.

It can be used by being paired with an Android terminal equipped with Android 4.3 or higher, and heart rate can also be measured.

"Plastic device feeling" which was frequent in smart watches so far is completely incomprehensible, finish that seems to be usable without problems even for business use.

Product specifications of LG Watch Urbane are as follows.

Chipset:1.2 GHz QualcommR Snapdragon 400
OS:Android Wear
display:1.3 inch P-OLED display (resolution: 320 × 320, 245 ppi)
size:45.5 x 52.2 x 10.9 mm
Body capacity:4GB eMMC
memory:512 MB LPDDR 2
battery:410 mAh
sensor:9 axis (gyroscope / accelerometer / compass), PPG (heart rate sensor)
Color:Gold / Silver
Others:Waterproof and dustproof function (equivalent to IP 67)

It was also released in Japan in LGSmart WatchI wear it almost everyday and use it, but until now Google has been doing a big update twice and each time I definitely have a battery, previously it was about 75% disappeared in one day The battery has been improved to about 25% to 45% even when using the whole day at the stage of writing the article. In addition, the stability of the software has also been dramatically improved, the operation is lightened, and additions and improvements have been found in the operation methods, and it is obvious that it has changed so that it is fundamentally easy to use. Sensitively it is similar to when the web browser "Google Chrome" was released, lack of functioning and speed of the first time around gradually disappeared by continuing to improve it repeatedly, approaching the practical level Feeling there. Because of these improvements, we can understand that Android Wear-equipped smart watch keeps constantly going abroad overseas, and that's why Apple's smart watch is also great.

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I tried using a smart watch "LG Watch Urbane" that looks like a luxury watch with a round display for one week - GIGAZINE

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