Animation to explain the negative effects of "stress" on the body

Although I feel inevitable that I feel stress in spending everyday, when I feel stress, it is not only frustrating but also various phenomena occur in the body. Chronic stress clearly causes a physical reaction, which adversely affects health, but how animation actually acts stress is summarized in an animation movie.

How stress affects your body - Sharon Horesh Bergquist - YouTube

Everyone feels stressed in "when you are challenging" or "when you are being beaten."

Stress is not just one of emotions ... ...

Those that have a physical impact on the whole body.

In the short term stress can be beneficial, such as improving performance, but if you continue to feel stress often or long term ... ....

It appears as an adverse effect on the body.

Specifically, a great deal of stress is to destroy the entire human body, such as organs and cells in the body.

When feeling stress, the kidney is also called "stress hormone"Cortisol","Adrenaline"Noradrenalin"It releases hormones such as.

Since these hormones are released into the blood, they can easily reach the heart with blood flow easily.

Adrenaline increases heart rate, blood pressure rises, eventually causing hypertension.

Cortisol may cause abnormalities such as vascular endothelium. According to scientists, this state isAtherosclerosisAnd cholesterol · plaque development in the early stages of development.

The mental death rate due to cardiac symptoms and heart attack also rises due to such physical stress given by stress.

When the brain feels stress, the autonomic nerve is activated ... ....

Through the neural network, the brain tells you that you are feeling stressed in the nervous system of the intestines and intestines.

When brain stress is transmitted to the nervous system of the intestine, it causes "irritability of the stomach", but it also leads to irritable bowel syndrome. It interferes with rhythmic shrinkage which moves food in the intestines, so the intestines become sensitive, the amount of acid secretion increases, and I feel heartburn. That is why you feel strangles and abnormalities in your stomach and stomach when you feel stressed.

Chronic stress also affects "waist circumference".

Cortisol secreted by stress has the effect of improving appetite.

This is a work to recover the body by supplementing energy with food, but since high level cortisol intake up to extra calories, it increases visceral fat and stomach fat.

This type of fat is not only to make the waist thicker ....

From immune systemCytokineIt releases a protein called. A large amount of cytokines may cause heart disease or insulin resistance, which may increase the risk of becoming an adult disease.

Cytokines usually act to battle intruders in the body and accelerate healing of injuries, but cytokines that have been released by chronic stress weaken the functions of some immune cells , It tends to be susceptible to infection and slows the healing rate.

Also, if the immune system does not work well, it is related to the life spanTelomereChronic stress may also be related to the lifespan, as it can also have an impact on life.

Besides, various chronic stresses such as "acne" "hair loss" "sexual dysfunction" "headache" "muscle tension" "lack of concentration" "fatigue" "ease of anger" It brings about.

But life is full of stress. Therefore, how your brain and body deal with stress is key to maintaining good health. If a situation that makes you feel stress is able to be considered as a "challenge to overcome" instead of considering it as a threat, you will be able to demonstrate superior performance in the short term and are healthy in the long run It is possible to do.

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