Why do I gain weight after exercising?

Some people may have the experience of gaining weight even though they tried to lose weight by exercising. This phenomenon is explained by Corinne Caillot, a researcher in physical activity and digital health at the University of Sydney.

Why do you sometimes gain weight after exercising? | Live Science


Kaiyo says that if you notice that you have gained weight after exercising, you should first review the 'quantity and quality of your meals.' 'If you eat junk food thinking you've been exercising and you can eat more, you're putting the cart before the horse, and it's unlikely that you'll be able to offset the extra food you're exercising,' she says.

However, of course, there must be some people who gain weight even after paying attention to their diet. ``This can be explained biologically,'' explains Kaiyo. “When the body is overloaded by exercise, muscle fibers tear and some inflammation develops. This is one of the causes of post-exercise weight gain,' Caillot said.

In addition to this, weight gain due to increased muscle mass is also possible, but about this, Mr. Caillot said, `` Muscles increase through repeated damage and repair, but weight increases due to increased muscle mass can occur in a few days. It doesn't happen. Gaining muscle mass requires very demanding training and won't happen in less than a few weeks.It will take a year or more to notice a change.'

``The water retention caused by inflammation is not permanent, and sustained exercise will eventually lead to weight loss,'' says Caillot. If you exercise too much, you may put more strain on your muscles than necessary.In order to build healthy muscles, please continue exercising without stopping halfway through.'

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