Taste from bone to head to tail Salami grilled "Bone to eat bone" Tasting review

"Baked with a special recipe that heats the fish without breaking it and softens the bone"Sanka can eat bone"Joined the premium lineup of Lawson stores from October 27 (Tue). It was not a fish baked since Lawson had been sold before, but it was the first grilled fish menu processed to be able to eat each bone, so I was concerned about what kind of finish it is, so I really eat it Saw.

Sansami can eat bone | Lawson

This is "a bone can eat to the bone", with one bean cut in half cut into it.

Raw materials are domestic saury and salt only. The calorie is 207 kcal per pack.

Before eating, warm it for 30 seconds with the pack as it is in the 500 W range.

After warming up it opened, a fragrant scent of baked leather drifted.

I tried to transfer it to a dish.

The tip of the tail and fins are cut and can be eaten literally whole.

I can easily cut with my chopsticks and it is so soft that I think that "I do not have bones?", But if you look closely you can see that small bones are contained one after another.

When trying to eat a piece, it is like soft roasted fish and boiled fish in an atmosphere like canned fish rather than grilled fish. The fragrance is somewhat inferior to ordinary grilled fish, and if you eat it with expecting grilled fish, you may be beat fast, but the juicyness of the body is kept better than the canned noodles.

Because I processed all of Sanma 1 tail, my body is thick and has a response to eating.

The spine is chewy and so soft that it collapses and it has a texture that is similar to that of a canned bonita.

Because it is compatible with white rice, it seems to be used as it is for a side dish.

You can eat whole part of your head, but eyeballs are hard so be careful when you eat whole.

From the head to the tail, you can eat whole without leaving bones and leather, so cleaning up after eating is also fun. People who like "grilled fish but troublesome taking bones" is worth a try once.

In addition, the price of "Sanma eatable to the bone" is 298 yen including tax, and from now on, a series of grilled fish processed so that seasonal fish can be eaten until the bones, such as "mackerel" and "Iwashi" It is that.

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