Which browser is considered the most credible in security, 1st place?

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Develop malware and anti-spam softwareSophos (Sophos)Has announced ranking of "credibility image ranking" of web browsers which users are appreciated as having high reliability in terms of security. There are browsers that are highly regarded as being more secure than popular, as well as popular browsers that are not rated as trustworthy in terms of security although there are a large number of users, an interesting user image of browser security appears emerging It is.

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This "credibility image ranking" is done by web voting, and users can evaluate not only browsers they use but also browsers that they do not use. Therefore, although it does not scientifically evaluate the robustness of security, it has an important meaning because it reflects the "evaluation" of the image on the security of various browsers.

The ranking of the 2015 edition is as shown in the graph below. Firefox is the most highly rated by users. We got almost twice the support of Chrome 2nd in the 2nd place, and received credit rating by Dantotsu. It is followed by 16% Opera in 3rd place and 9% Safari in 4th place.

A detailed breakdown looks like this. HowTorIs 5.96%, it is clear that it occupies the majority of "Other" in the graph above. Internet Explorer is 2.67%, Edge is 2.11%, low evaluation of Microsoft genuine browser is conspicuous.

The evaluation of 2014 is like this. Since Firefox was 48.07%, it is lowering the evaluation, but since the survey started in 2013, it is said that he adheres to the overwhelming high credibility.

The transition of evaluation of "credibility image ranking" which started from 2013 by browser is like this. While Internet Explorer is lowering the credit rating, it is clear that the image of Opera is suddenly improving.

This is an index called "Browser Trust Gap (creditworthiness gap)", a yearly trend of figures subtracting the answer "using" from the answer "reliability ant". A larger numerical value of the credit gap indicates that the user has an image that the user who is not using it is also highly reliable. Conversely, if the numerical value is negative, the user actually using the credit score has the credibility It shows that it is in a condition that it is using while accepting low. Firefox is overwhelmingly high in terms of creditworthiness gap, and in contrast Chrome has a low score of "-19.6%", but the number of users is large, on the other hand it is found that the credit rating is extremely low.

The credibility gap of Internet Explorer is "-9.2%". The situation that there are many users who are in a situation where they are forced to use it thought that the credibility is low, say "2.7%", which is said to be trustworthy for the number of users "11.9%" It is embossed.

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