HTML5 + WebGL moves the 3D model of BMW i8 with the browser grumbling & color change & visible PlayCanvas demonstration is amazing

BMW's next-generation sports car "i8" is a sports car showing the next generation literally to realize powerful driving and fuel economy performance with the power of the engine and motor. It is the game engine that reproduces such an advanced sports car on the browser using HTML 5 and WebGL "PlayCanvasIt's a demonstration site. On the site i8 is displayed with full 3DCG, you can change the car body color and interior color, and you can experience a startling demo anyway, such as opening a characteristic splash-up door and sliding into the car.


When visiting the site and loading the page is completed i8 expressed in 3D was displayed. It is reproduced how the wheels actually rotate and progressing gently.

It is possible to rotate the car body to all angles of 360 degrees using the mouse. The characteristic body shaping from the rear roof to the taillight has also been reproduced like this ... ...

It is also possible to see the car body from directly above.

You can see from a side view that it is really stylish body design. Although the body can be rotated, it can not be zoomed in and out.

By clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the screen you can change the color of the interior and the body. The above three are interior color ... ...

The bottom four are body colors.

On the door on the left side, a totally square square icon is displayed. When I click it ......

A pop-up type door that jumps up obliquely opens up ... ...

I was able to slide into the driver 's seat. I feel like I was an owner.

Of course it is also possible to look around the inside of the car.

I8's rear seats, which are narrow and seemingly severe even for children, are reproduced as a kitchen.

You can also steer the tires left and right by clicking the square on the handle.

I opened the door again and tried going out ...

It was in a state where the front wheels were trimmed to the left properly. The angle of the tire never became a strange angle found in the sweet 3DCG with built-in, and it was in a natural state.

A very realistic state has been reproduced, and it is noisy level that all car manufacturers should introduce it any longer. Supporting this content is a game engine "PlayCanvas" that makes full use of HTML 5 and WebGL. PlayCanvas is an engine capable of various applications such as 3D games using WebGL, corporate advertisement that fully utilizes rich content.

PlayCanvas | 3D HTML 5 & WebGL Game Engine

On the site, you can try out various kinds of browser game samples using PlayCanvas, as well as advertisement type content like BMW i8, and experience the ability.

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