Discovered that the mobile carrier was hacking a journalist's mobile phone

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A journalist reporting the vulnerability of a mobile carrier's system happens in Australia, hacking her smartphone with a mobile carrier.

Vodafone Australia admits hacking Fairfax journalist's phone | Business | The Guardian

Australian mediaFairfax MediaMr. Natalie O'Bryan, a writer of Australia,Vodafone AustraliaData system used bySiebelPublished articles on vulnerability in 2011. "There is a serious security flaw in the data system Siebel and if you enter a password shared for all employees, you can easily access millions of customer data such as customer's address, driver's license number, credit card company information, In addition, the content that the criminal organization illegally obtains the customer information that flowed out was content. "

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Mr. O'Brian himself was using Vodafone's mobile phone, but just after the article was posted, one of Vodafone Australia's employees said, "Mr. O'Brian got information about the vulnerability of the data system from whom To uncover 'Okay,' hacking Mr. O'Brian's cell phone history. Mr. O'Brian said that illegal access to the outgoing call history and message history of the mobile phone.

OBrian, who noticed that his cell phone is being hacked by someone, said, "Privacy was infringed and I felt terribly bad, I knew that my cell phone was hacked because of an article I wrote I learned shock and anger. "

About the matter that customer information of Vodafone Australia was leaked, Austrian Ministry of Information and Communication began its own investigation after Mr. O'Brian's article was released. As a result of the investigation, Vodafone Australia's internal mail was found and it was found that Vodafone was aware that it was illegal to hack Mr. O'Brian's cell phone. Mail sent to Richard Knowlton, head of Global Security Division Colin Yates, Vodafone's Fraud Management Investigative Leader, said, "It is very dangerous to hurt Mr. O'Brian's hacking around the world. Looking illegally in the message history and outgoing history is in violation of Australia 's telecommunications laws, it was written that Vodafone Australia' s trust built up is damaged.

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In addition, in the e-mail, "About the vulnerability of the Siebel system, Vodafone executives pointed out to the reporters" The vulnerability found is one-time ", but you know also that you use Siebel From the beginning we have continued to suffer from system flaws. "It is also clear that there was a possibility of information leaks in Vodafone Australia's system for a long time.

Regarding this matter, Vodafone's spokesperson said, "I accept that the employee hacked the cell phone, but I strongly deny the report that I took illegal methods.Vodafon's all employees will receive customer information I will strictly adhere "(PDF file)Announcementdoing.

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