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It is well known that poison is contained in the internal organs of puffer fish, but by doing salted and naked pickled pufferfish ovaries for about 2 years in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture and adjacent Hakusan city, There is a miracle ingredient that erases away. Although it seems to be frustrating by merely listening for a while, it was that there are shops that can actually be eaten even in Kanazawa city, so I have challenged the taste that it is only made here.

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Arrived at a shop where you can eat branded ovarian rice bran. This time we visited Kanazawa Station "Sushi · Teruya no Takakazakiya" nearby.

The place of Takasakiya is around here. It is a few minutes walking distance from Kanazawa station, so it is not even necessary to get on the bus.

Store place where big signboards were raised. I will go through goodwill and enter the store.

The large seat placed in the passed-in seats was vivid like the emerald green.

I immediately ordered "Branch of blowfish ovary and Fusagi kimakechu" (880 yen including tax). It was delivered to the table in about 5 minutes. Grains of small eggs are gathered, and looks a lot like Kazunoko and Tarako. It is an orange-tinged color, but this seems to have been colored when aged in rice bran pickles.

A strong aroma arose, beside himself, thought to put on his hands "a mouth at once ...". It is a scent which seems to be a fermentation smell peculiar to pickles, I was surprised at first at first, but to a level that I do not mind so much as I soon get used to my nose. Rather, it can be said as a smell reminiscent of taste peculiar to fermented foods, so it may be fascinating especially for those who like alcohol.

Pick up with chopsticks. Thanks to the fragrance and fragrance scent of flavor and fragrance, the taste is exactly like "pickle", a dish like dish for pickles. "Bubble wrap" and the taste of the egg seems to spread in the mouth every time the grain of eggs in the mouth begins to spread, so I did not think of a strange feeling that the seafood and pickles fuse together "Yeah. Ooh!" It was.

The saltiness is strongly pickled, and the smell of rice bran pickled with fluffy is also tasted like pickles and drunkards are stolen. So when we tasted it with beer, it was a really good sake. Although I made it to beer this time, it is rather a sake, it is not a taste, it is a taste that I can enjoy even if I taste while drinking alcohol that has a personality of a sanctuary system chewy.

In addition, it is said that Fukuo's ovarian rice bran has excellent compatibility with rice. Put it on white rice ......

Towards the end, this is exquisite taste. Rice suppressed the strong taste of pickles, and on the contrary the pickles seemed to better complement the taste and sweetness of the rice, and the two were mixed together to form a stunning balance.

You can taste deliciously just by eating together with "Ken" which chopped the radish into small pieces. Although it is undenvable that there is some bias of "being eating the flesh's internal organs", "Fukuoka's ovarian rice bran" was a dish of a miracle that can be enjoyed in various ways.

Although it seems that the voice saying "Can eat the blowfish's internal organs safe?" May be heard, this food is traditionally inherited from around Edo period. Immerse the ovaries of Fugu for about 2 years with salted fish and then it is pickled in bamboo (rice bran) or koji (koji) etc. for about half year to about 1 year to be completed. In that process, it is said that the poison contained inside is detoxified to a level where there is no problem even if you eat it, but the scientific mechanism still has its mystery part. There seems to be various opinions that tetrodotoxin which is a toxin escapes with moisture during the period of pickling, or it is due to the action of lactic acid bacteria, but as of 2015, it is certain that "by salting and pickling in a few years, why? It seems only to say that poison disappears ", it is exactly called" miracle food ".

Ishikawa Prefecture New Informatics Office "Poisoning of miracles - Fermentation culture of Ishikawa seen in branches of Fuugu's ovary -: Branch of Ovus of Fugu: Why does poison pass?"

In order to make this rice bran pickle, it is necessary to receive permission from the prefecture by "ordinance concerning regulation of processing of Ishikawa prefecture etc." and to process it using the facility which cleared the stipulated standards. Although the process is disclosed on the following pages, it seems that the secret is kept secretive in detail how to make it, and still making the Fugu ovarian rice bran pickles "Ishikawa Prefecture Fugu Process Association" It is said that only the manufacturer in Hakusan city Mikawa district, Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa city Kaneishi district, Wajima city.

ISHIKAWA INFORMATION PUBLICATION "Miraculous Poisoning - Fermentation Culture of Ishikawa seen in Breeding of Fugu Ovary -: Branching of Fukuo's Ovary: How to Make it"

If you eat while you know such a thing, it will be more tasty. To taste the unique food that is only made here only locally was tasty. People like sake, of course, people who do not like to eat with rice, etc. There seems to be various ways to enjoy.

In addition, "Fugu body soaked soaked" attached to the vessel tastes the faint smell of faintness. It is a crispy texture like dried fish like a kawaihagi, but the taste of the body came out from inside, which also became a tasty dish.

In addition to being able to taste at this shop in Kanazawa City, this "Fukuoka ovarian rice bran pickles"AnanIt is also possible to buy as a souvenir and return home. Many people say that the Hokuriku Shinkansen opened to Kanazawa, making it easier for Kanazawa to go. It is a literal "It is made only here" taste, so it seems to be good to add it to the "list that should be tasted once" when visiting the area.

In addition, it is also possible to purchase through online shops such as Amazon through mail order, so it may be nice to challenge people who are interested here first.

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