What is the plan "CITE" which plans to produce about 120 billion yen in the middle of the desert where no one lives?

Although there are roads, churches, malls, etc. which are scales assumed to have a population of about 35,000 people, the plan to actually create a town in the desert without any "residents" is "CITE Project"is. For what reasons will we create a "town where people can not live"CNN.comI am kept secret.

CITE: The $ 1 billion city with no residents - CNN.com

America·New Mexico StateWith the Mexican border inWhite Sands Missile Test SiteThere is a plan to create a completely new "city" in the dry desert located between. What is going to be made with the plan called "CITE project" is "Full scale experiment site simulating the city of America". Various experiments on transportation, construction, communication, security, etc. will be available in the area of ​​about 24 square kilometers.

This is the design drawing of CITE. It has facilities of the middle size city of the United States.

The university campus looks like this.

Lead the projectPegasus Global HoldingsMr. Robert Bloomley explains about the CITE project as "a place to test new products, services, and technologies without hampering people's lives." Because there are compartments to develop agriculture, energy and water treatment in the land, if you can use "city" where people do not exist at all as a huge experiment site, the possibilities of doing is infinite.

For example, it is possible to run an automatic driving car while monitoring with a tracking drone, perform a disaster experiment of a house, or perform a robotic experiment. Possibility as alternative energy has been studiedThorium nuclear energyYou can also do experiments.

The city constructed at CITE is a barrier that exists during the experiment that jumps out of the laboratory level and is performed in the actual societyDeath ValleyIt is considered to be a great place for researchers troubled by.

The CITE project began in 2011. I was looking for a suitable land for the experiment site but it was hard to find and the project did not proceed mostly in the first two years. There was also a candidate for the mountain range of New Mexico called Organ Mountain, but as President Obama refused to use in the experiment as "It is a national monument". The US government has already spent billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of yen) on the research of the CITE project, but only 2-3% of the return as a product has yet been obtained.

However, as it was finally decided that the land mentioned above could be used as a test site, construction will begin in 2015 and operation will start in 2018 as soon as possible.

According to Bloomley, "CITE facilities can be used by anyone who wants to test." Governments, academic institutions, international technology companies, etc. are assumed as clients, and it is hoped that prosperity will eventually prosper as technology hubs comparable to Silicon Valley.

Urban emirate city aiming for zero-emission eco-city with the most advanced energy technology "Masdar CityAnd the Portuguese city "Pranit Valley" which keeps the amount of electricity and water used at the optimum level by computer control without using fossil fuels, "Cities of the future" concept has been increasing in cities around the world It is. However, there are only "CITE" cities created only for a variety of experiments and tests.

Of course there are voices saying "wonderful" to the CITE project, but there are also people who wonder about the significance of doing experiments in unattended cities.Oxford ProgramProfessor Steve Rayner says, "Even if you are using energy-saving devices in buildings, sometimes people can not exercise their effect by opening doors and windows for fresh air. Because it is a social system mediated by devices rather than artificial objects, there is a possibility of deriving misleading conclusions when experimenting in an uninhabited city. "

In this regard, Bloomley says that subjects permitted for experiments are also allowed to live on CITE, Professor Reiner says Professor Reiner says, "In exchangeable people placed in a set with city residents It is a community that changes constantly with various cultures, behavior patterns, thinking, etc., and it is casting doubt on the significance of experiments in CITE.

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