Google announces quantum computer research facility 'Quantum AI campus'

At the online event Google I / O 2021 held by Google from May 18th to 20th, 2021, we announced the new quantum computer research base ' Quantum AI campus'. The Quantum AI campus, located in Santa Barbara, California, USA, has the first quantum data center, quantum computer laboratory, and proprietary quantum chip manufacturing facility, and will be the center of future quantum computer research. It is positioned as becoming.

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Unveiling our new Quantum AI campus

Eric Lucero, lead engineer at Quantum AI, Google's quantum computer research team, said in a post on the official blog on May 18 that 'Google will provide a practical and error-correctable quantum computer within 10 years. We are aiming to develop it. ' It was revealed that the research base 'Quantum AI campus' was established in Santa Barbara, California.

The error-correctable quantum computer that Google is aiming for is a quantum computer that has overcome the problem that qubits are exposed to noise (errors) and accurate calculations cannot be performed. To achieve this, it is necessary to physically generate 1 million qubits and fit them in a quantum computer that fits in one room, but at present, only those with 100 qubits or less have been put into practical use.

Ultimately, Google intends to build the world's first 'quantum transistor' by arranging hundreds to thousands of transistors in parallel to build an error-correctable quantum computer.

If an error-correctable quantum computer is put into practical use in earnest, it will be possible to simulate the behavior and interaction of molecules, improving the battery, developing energy-efficient fertilizers, discovering new drugs, and unprecedented. Research in various fields, such as artificial intelligence (AI) architecture, is expected to accelerate.

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