When you make an Apple headquarters spacecraft type new building with a miniature solid model it looks like this

A plan to establish a new headquarters in Cupertino, Cupertino, California, USA in a spacecraft-type building is ongoing, but a photo of a new miniature model has been released.

Apple: Exclusive photos of company's planned 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino - San Jose Mercury News

This is a spacecraft type new building. Steve Jobs before the death of this building in 2011Announced constructionIt is,Beginning with a budget of 3 billion dollars (about 300 billion yen)And it temporarily expanded to 5 billion dollars (about 500 billion yen).

Looking from the side like this.

The model building is 4 stories high. According to the plan, it can accommodate 14,000 people, five times the number of people in the current headquarters.

A solar panel is installed on the roof and thousands of trees will be planted on the ground. In addition, fruits and olive-oak trees planted on the site are already being brought up.

Miniature terrace. Pink flowers like cherry blossoms are also planted.

Trees are also planted in the building.

Flowers are seen in places where people take a break or relax.

A road is passing right next to the building.

Residential area beyond the road.


The parking lot looks like this.

The roof is translucent.

Looking at the building from above, a donut shape.

It is scheduled to be built on a vast land of 175 acres (about 700,000 square meters).

Therefore, the miniature model is huge.

Dan Whisenhunt, senior director of Apple's chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer and real estate and facilities.

Although it is a huge building built on a vast land, Whisenhunt says that it is friendly to the earth, 70% of the year with LED light & smart control system introduced an ecosystem that can do with natural ventilation without requiring air conditioning And that. "This is one of the buildings that can be sustainably developed without harming the environment, among buildings around the world, energy consumption is 30% less than typical corporate buildings," Whisenhunt I talked.

The new office building is scheduled to be completed in 2015, and this model was designed to appeal to Cupertino City Council of California. The Cupertino City Council will vote on the project on 15th and final vote will be in May.

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