Adobe MAX 2015 "demo showing various Adobe's technical capabilities such as" Monument Mode "that can remove moving objects reflected on the camera in real time

Adobe's developer conference being held in Los Angeles, USA "Adobe MAX 2015", You can design fonts easily and freely"Project FacesIn addition to this, various other technologies such as the release of the next generation technology are being exhibited, but in addition to this, the height and advancedness of Adobe's technical capabilities such as "Monument Mode" which removes objects moving in real time from the camera's image A demonstration to show off is done.

Sneak Peeks at Adobe MAX 2015 Rocked

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◆ Monument Mode
"Monument Mode" is a function that can create images by removing real-time moving objects from movies taken. For example, it is possible to use a method of creating a photograph that removed tourists from the landscape of sightseeing spots that are crowded with people. The power of Monument Mode can be confirmed in the following movie.

Adobe MAX 2015 - Sneaks - Monument Mode - YouTube

Photographing the rock back to "MAX" back.

Men show exaggerated movements in the frame, but men have been removed from the movie in real time.

Men and women walked as if they crossed the camera, but in the image of the camera the images of the two still disappeared.

When shutting the shutter completely when only the landscape is reached ......

With such a feeling, I was able to put only the landscape in the photograph.

◆ Project Dollhouse
The technique to acquire the depth information from the photograph and to make it an illustration was demonstrated as "Project Dollhouse". You can check the drawing movie using the perspective using the following movie at Project Dollhouse.

Adobe MAX 2015 - Sneaks - Project Dollhouse - YouTube

I will use the doll's house to acquire the depth information and make it an illustration.

Shooting the doll's house with a tablet camera ......

I draw an outline by hand.

Not only the appearance but also the inside of the room OK.

After pulling the outline ......

Select dog image.

When placed in an appropriate place ......

A dog was drawn in the illustration. Illustrations are deformed or scaled according to perspective.

Next, pick the wall behind ... ...

Arrange posters with large 'MAX' characters drawn. The poster will automatically deform according to the wall.

Finally, when I took away the layer of the doll's house, I got an illustration using the perspective with such a feeling.

◆ 3D Portraits
"3D Portraits" is a technology to convert 2D personal images into 3D data. 3D data can be output as it is with a 3D printer. In Adobe MAX 2015, an example was presented in which a male photo was instantly converted to 3D and outputted by a 3D printer.

You can check how to create stereoscopic data with 3D Portraits in the following movie.

While capturing the photo of the person who wants to become three-dimensional, while tracing, we will recognize and input information such as "Hair (Hair)" "Head".

Completion of stereo data in about 3 minutes.

This woman ......

Like this.

Three-dimensional objects can be created instantly by inputting the output data to a 3D printer. The information of the color of each part is also reflected, so the output of the 3D printer seems to be much improved.

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