A handbook of 136 pages that summarizes the way Twitter official politicians tweet free of charge is available for download, contents are like this

Twitter, which can express itself through "tweets" of 140 characters or less, is friendly to political activities as a tool that can communicate my opinions and ideas to many people. For that reason, the use of Twitter is becoming more important to politicians, as the word "Twitter election" is born, which effectively affects election results by effectively using Twitter. So, the official handbook that Twitter summarized "How to use Twitter" for politicians and electoral candidates "The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook"Is released to the public.

The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook (2014 U.S. Edition) - TwitterGovElectionsHandbook.pdf
(PDF file)https://g.twimg.com/elections/files/2014/09/16/TwitterGovElectionsHandbook.pdf

◆ Introduction
First of all Twitter's introduction is done. Because Twitter can deliver tweets to more than 2.5 billion people in more than 200 countries worldwide, it is a perfect tool for those who want to deliver their own "voice" like politicians to many people .

The tweet of President Obama below made me realize the power of Twitter. President Obama aiming for the presidential reelection in 2012, one tweet of "Twin four years" and the accompanying President's couple showed the powerful impact Twitter has on the world, It was to make us feel the "Twitter Election (Twitter election)" era.

◆ Tweet Basics
So, it is very important for incumbent politicians and those who aim for the election to make effective use of Twitter to advance the election superiorly. So Twitter explains from Twitter's basic usage such as how to read tweets, how to tweet, etc. on the Twitter Government and Elections Handbook.

◆ bio
"Bio" which is self-introduction is very important. It is possible to connect with supporters by describing career, background, personal interests etc in bio.

◆ @ User name
Also, Twitter says that the following usernames shown in tweets and bio are their identities and should be cherished. Creating T - shirts and stickers with '@ user name' along with the bird 's icon, which is the Twitter icon, will increase your awareness of yourself.

◆ First time
Once you decide the user name and understand the basic Twitter mechanism such as Tweet · Reply · Retweets etc., it is time to commemorate the first tweet. Twitter is recommending tweet that my personality is transmitted for the first time tweet.

◆ Virtual handshake
Twitter says that the effective means of election is still "handshake" even now and again. However, the number of people who can shake hands with a living body is limited, but the number of people who can access with Twitter is wrong. This diffuse power is said to be called "election power" Twitter has. According to Twitter, elections will dominate by "virtual handshake" against followers.

A photo
With Twitter's data, the retweet rate of tweets with pictures is 62% higher than tweets without pictures, so if politicians and their eggs aim for spreading effect, it is desirable that the tweets be photographed .

"Selfy for the first time" (self-taken) tweet. It seems to be said to be a good example of being able to appeal well about himself using photos.

In addition, "Since you can share up to 4 pictures, you can also use further pictures to make further spreading effect" advice is also made.

◆ Tools for discussion
Twitter is a more powerful tool for "debate (debate)". That is due to the real-time nature of Twitter. Through tweets' interactions, we can connect with many audiences, share the same time and deepen the discussion.

Election staff and supporters also advise that election staff and supporters should tweet "that state" even at the moment when the candidates for the election are making discussions in the real world such as open discussion on television, the election staff and supporters should tweet.

◆ Event announcement
Twitter is very useful to notify about events such as speech and exchange meetings. At the end of the invitation letter to participate in the event is "R. S.V.P.Twitter says that it's a good idea to put your username in place of ". Furthermore, it is important to put a short hashtag that can be distinguished from other events and easily murmured.

Techniques for utilizing SNS are also available for event invitee selection. For example, NASA says that in some events, NASA has sought out information from more than 1000 registered media, particularly focusing on 150 companies strong on social media and trying out the information dissemination / information spreading effect by SNS.

Mutting political remarks is important to get to know your own political thought, but only with a hard tweet you will get tired of followers. It is a matter of casual events and small comments on a daily basis that people of candidates appear.

This is a tweet of Secretary of State of the United States of America John Kelly celebrating Canada's Ice Hockey Team victory and celebrating beer photos.

President Obama tweets "cute Batman". Twitter seems to think that it can lead to gathering a lot of supporters by cutting out a casual everyday frame.

· Extra 1
Twitter settlement serviceSquareWe launched a "donation button" service that we can donate directly from tweets to candidates in the US presidential election in 2016.

Political donations, now through a Tweet | Twitter Blogs

If you look at the tweets of presidential candidates and want to help, you can donate money by tapping the "Contribute" button in the tweet.

With this donation button, the affinity between Twitter and election is likely to increase more and more.

· Extra 2
However, Twitter is showing a move to seal off the service "Politwoops" which tweets politicians have tweeted and re-tweet and revealed.

"Politwoops" which politician detected deletion tweet and tweet again is stopped on Twitter - GIGAZINE

Twitter has revealed the position that 'deletion of tweets' is also part of expression', but 'inadvertent tweet', which was supposed to be forced to delete, is a thing that can clearly show the qualities of politicians Considering that this Twitter correspondence is likely to disagree.

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