A shadow net strategy that freely manipulates voting behavior by making personal tastes naked from SNS information made President Trump

Many analytical results have been issued that Mr. Donald Trump, who caught the president of the United States overturning the popular opinion, was good at "net strategy". However, the birth of Playing Cards is the result of secret execution of the terrible net strategy of controlling voting behavior through the net based on psychology, and the existence of "magic" which freely manipulates who to vote is 21 There are indications that it could bring a crisis to the democracy of the century.

Scout | The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

It is known that identifying individual thoughts and personality from SNS information is known, and attempts are made to nullify that person's idea from the tendency of Facebook's "Like". In SwitzerlandDas MagazineAccording to analyzing "good" that put on Facebook by making full use of psychology, it is possible to know about that person more than the average colleague with only ten "nice" that some people wore Thing. In 70 "goods", 150 people can know that person than a partner rather than a friend, and if there are 300 "good" information, what kind of behavior the person takes It is said to be more accurate predictable than partners.

A method to analyze personality using SNS information such as "Like" is announced by Dr. Michael Kozinsky who studies psychological statistics at Cambridge University in 2013the studyIt is based on. Dr. Kozinsky is a psychological method called OCEAN score that comprehensively judges individuality from "open", "serious", "there is outgoingness", "whether there is synchronism" or "degree of nervousness" By utilizing it, I revealed that I can identify gender, sexual orientation, political belief, personal characteristics (personality) of that person from the information on what I liked to on Facebook.

Shortly from the announcement of this groundbreaking research result, Dr. Kozinsky was reported through his colleague Professor at the University of Cambridge, who was asked to license a license from SCL Elections (SCL), an election strategy company. SCL proposed to pay Dr. Kozinsky a substantial laboratory operating fee as a consideration for providing analytical methods using SNS. However, Dr. Kozinsky and his colleagues are refusing this offer, watching that the research outcome is unfairly misused by the election campaign.

Although SCL was refused technology offering from Dr. Kozinsky, we will soon act in partnership with Professor Alexander Kogan who studies psychology at Cambridge University and conduct research independently.Survey of The GuardianAccording to Professor Kogan, using crowdsourcing service called Amazon Mechanical Turk, SNS information was sought with the promise to pay $ 1 (about 110 yen) each time answering quizzes. As a prerequisite to answer this quiz, providing access to all data on Facebook, this data contrary to the possibility of being used for research, contrary to the Amazon Mechanical Turk terms of service As a result, we succeeded in gathering a wide range of data on SNS as a result.

And the data gathered under Professor Kogan was immediately handed over to Cambridge Analytica (Cambridge · Analytica), derived from SCL. With this Cambridge Analyticska leading the British EU withdrawal campaign and winning outstanding results with the help of Ted Cruise Republican national election campaign known for extreme behavior than President Trump It is a professional organization which is known, "cooperate with Mr. Donald Trump 's election campaign and overwhelm the president" planning and executing the election strategy in the net ".ScoutAccording to the Cambridge Analytica, there is a relationship with the conservatives and the Altana right wing deeply involved in the trump camp, possessed by Mercer family, a leading supporter of President Trump. Also, as Steve Vannon, a member of the White House Security Council who served as strategy chief for Mr. Trump, served as an officer of Cambridge Analytika, Cambridge Analyticska has a close relationship with President Trump I know.

Cambridge Analytika not only built a proprietary model to analyze user's personality from SNS with reference to Dr. Kozinsky's research but also used various methods using the Internet in the 2016 US presidential election That is pointed out.

Professor Jonathan Albright at the University of Euron expects that Cambridge Analytica has collected postings on Facebook and Twitter. That's why remarks on Facebook and Twitter often reflect emotional conditions. From the reaction of SNS, someone resonating with cards suggests that SNS information was used to identify who is likely to change to resonate.

Cambridge Analytics' strategy of "who will aim for?" Was based on information on "personality of users" obtained from SNS and others. Clinton's strategy analyst said that he was laughing when watching Trump 's candidate election campaign in three states with many traditional Democratic supporters of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, Cambridge Analytika is believed to have seen the difference between the trump supporters and supporters of Hilary is small from the Facebook information of the three state voters.

When you grasp the personality of a user through actions on SNS, Cambridge Analytika's job is to give the user the option to vote for a specific candidate. What Cambridge Analytika received upon request from the trump candidate is to change the voting behavior so that a person who is not a trump propagator votes for a playing card on the actual election day. For that reason, it has become evident that the trump camp has used between 40,000 and 50,000 different net advertisements. It seems that this slightly different advertisement was aimed to influence the voting behavior by subtly changing the response of the user as a new information source.

It has also been pointed out by the Cambridge Analytica that a strategy of withdrawing proponents of opponent candidates rather than increasing supporters was adopted. Specifically, it has been pointed out that African-Americans aimed to lower the vote rate of voters who support the Democratic Party. According to Bloomberg, concerning allegations that the Clinton Foundation was using the reconstruction funds in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, advertisement aimed at users around Little Haiti in Miami had been issued. However, since targeted advertisements of this kind are displayed only to a limited target audience, it is very difficult to verify ex post facto whether such facts existed, the truth is in Yabu.

Also, Professor Albright pointed out that there was absolutely no factual "Fake News (fake news)" among the things which greatly influenced the way of the presidential election in 2016. Professor Albright investigated the news of 306 false stories and found that it has constructed a huge network of 23,000 pages and 1.3 million hyperlinks. Professor Albright says these biased news groups are devised by SEO to raise the user's eye rate, which is never an individual's operation.

Professor Samuel Woolley of the University of Oxford and his research team have appealed "trump support" in the US presidential election in 2016 and have found out that the bot which spreads fake news to hurt the credit of Clinton candidate has been found dark I will. "The use of automated accounts was intentional and strategic throughout the election campaign, the campaign to clarify" support of cards "was issued with careful timing according to the discussion and" We have invaded the Hashtag of Hillary Support "and it turned out that the activity stopped as soon as the elections ended," Professor Woolypaper(PDF file)I am making it clear in the. Professor Wooly declines that he does not have direct evidence and believes that it is highly possible that Cambridge Analytika assumed the responsibility to outsource at least the creation of cards and bots.

According to Professor Wu Ri, these bots were created by professional organizations, follow up numerous accounts, and because they are followed, accounts are unlikely to be suspended. Facebook and Twitter are consistent with firm thought and strong biased identity and are said to have been created with a clear purpose to change opinion of specific supporters and attack specific supporters.

According to Scout, Cambridge Analyticska says that users can vote by using SNS, net advertisement, bot, although it is a Cambridge · Analyticska which has close relationship with the trump camp and has been thought to contribute greatly to playing cards in the 2016 American presidential election, He said he is not the only one to adopt the election strategy of controlling election campaign by controlling actions. For this reason, some voters are worried that the basis of democracy is being threatened by increasing the number of election strategic organizations that leap behind the scenes using the Internet like Cambridge Analytika.

Mediums that greatly influence the election campaign such as printed matter, radio, television, etc. have changed with the times, but the historical election results such as Brexit and the trump presidential birth that occurred in 2016 show clearly the existence of internet media in the election It seems that it has become a form to show off.

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