What is the behavior and behavior of the customer the bartender really thinks is uzzy?

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Shops in the form of overseas pubs and bars, unlike Japanese taverns, are basically systems that receive orders and accounting at the counter instead of tables and receive drinks. A movie that interviews the actions that are troubled when being made into customers for such people who work as panties, bars, nightclubs as bartenders and barmaids has been made public, and it is quite interesting content.

What You Do That That Pisses Off Bartenders, According To To Bartenders | Bartender Confidential - YouTube

Eric Alperin, a bartender in Los Angeles, said, "I would like you to stop cutting off the paper napkin at the counter finely", pointed out the behavior of the troubled customers.

When the photographer who asked Alperin pointed out "I always do it", Alperin began to get angry with "joke" with "Fat ○ You, Fu ○ yu!" From the expression of Alperin, I get irritated very much.

Leslie Ross who is doing a barmod in Houston told me that he is most frustrated is a person who snaps a finger to catch the attention of a clerk.

Freddy Schwenk also said that he dislikes customers who crack their fingers.

The behavior which makes a finger snappy seems to feel bad because it receives the impression that he is calling animals.

Erick Castro who works in San Diego is always worried that customers are saying "Do not sweet too much" when ordering.

According to Ryan Wainwright of the same bartender, he says he / she hears more "order not sweet" than "Hello".

However, Mr. Castro says that "The customer says" Do not sweet "is because of the bad quality bartender," some of the people working at the bar are cocktail ingredients, not sugar It seems that some people use poor syrup.

Ivy Mix who works as a barmaid in Brooklyn cited the customers who asked "What's popular?"

Jeniffer Colliau of the same bar maid seems to be disliked to hear popular drinks, and it is angry that "Does not sake have any popularity or fucking?"

Tim Cooper cites the customers who asked "What do you want to make?" As a troubled customer, "I do not have any drinks I'd like to make, but I want a drink that makes customers happy I would like to make it, so I'd like you to know clearly what you want to drink, not listening. "

It is the group 's customers that Karen Grill feels undesirable.

It is nice for one of the group to put together the order, but I came to the counter despite not having ordered everyone, call the clerk, looking back and saying "What would you like to drink?" It is irritated with listening behavior. Especially if you are busy, you can imagine your feelings even if you are not a bartender

Chad Solomon also agrees with Grill. For those who work at a busy bar it is natural that you want us to stop after you have decided the order.

Mr. Schwenk, who said "I dislike finger patching people", says "Bartender can be a guest's best friend and can be a stupid guy". When going to a bar or a pub, call it with a finger patch with a dress and call on it before you order it.

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