A person can maintain stable relationship with a range of about 150 people

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In the case of acquaintances I met for a long time, things may happen that I know the face but I can not remember the name ....... There is no research that has paid out concrete figures about "how many people can remember the face and name", but how long can you remember the name of acquaintance, how long are you maintaining relationship I have concrete figures on what I am doing.

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According to Mona · Charavie, a data journalist who received a question saying, "On average, how many people can remember the face and name?" According to Mr. Chara Bee, data journalist, now, "How many people can remember the face It seems that the research that "is not done" is not done.

However, research has been conducted since the 1950's as to how much acquaintance relationships spread. One well-known study,Ishier de Sora PoolWhenManfred KochenBy. The pool carried a notebook for 100 days, during which the name of the acquaintance who appeared on the telephone and in the letter was written down in the notebook. As a result of not writing the name written once, the number of names gradually filling in will decrease as the days go by. Finally, if we keep on doing the same thing for 20 years, the result is that the number of names will be about 3,500 people.

The same thing was done by Michael Grevich and 27 colleagues in 1961. As a result, on average, the number of acquaintances guided by the assumption that it continued for 20 years was 2130 in average. By the way, in 1960, the number of acquaintances MIT students figured out from President Franklin Roosevelt 's schedule book 86 days was 22,500.

The pool also notices that "exporting names" and "remembering names" are different things from the pool, so in order to ascertain how many acquaintances he remembers, Chicago and Manhattan's telephone directory I chose an arbitrary 30 pages from the surname and remembered my acquaintance of the same name from the surname in it. As a result, the number of acquaintances that I remembered with Chicago books was 3,100 people, and the number of acquaintances I remembered relying on Manhattan books was 4250 people. Because of this, Mr. Charabee thought that SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is now playing the role of the phone book that the pool used for experiments.

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However, in fact, "people who I remembered, because my last name was changed, I am a person I know once" is not as friendly as "acquaintance" even though I know him. Then comes out is research by Professor Robin Dunbar of Evolutionary Psychology. Professor Dunbar looked at how much personal relationship a primate would build within a particular social group. Then,Macaque genusTokon monkey formed a group of roughly 17 animals, belonging to the family Omapalidae HuacariHuakariWe found that about 4 monkeys form a group.

Professor Dunbar made formulas based on the size of the brain from various data and speculated that the range of personal relationships built by humans among typical social groups will be between 100 and 231 people. As a follow-up survey in 2002, I examined how many opponents to give out a Christmas card. Then, we got a result of 153.5 persons on average, which supports the guess from the above formula.

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Because it is less than this, it is not a story that it is not bad, but the range of the person who can be called a friend / acquaintance is about 150 people in any person and seems to settle to the range of about 200 people or less.

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