Mixed type camera stabilizer "SteadXP" that realizes stable images from both hardware and software

A tool used to shoot a stable image with less shaking is called by the name of "camera stabilizer" and stabilizes the camera itselfMechanical type, Postprocess the shot image to eliminate shakingSoftware typeIt is largely classified into. French startup "SteadXP"Is a device that can obtain a stable image by attaching it to GoPro or a general camera"SteadyXP"We are developing.

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SteadXP is a hardware that suppresses image blurringSteadyXP @"When"SteadyXP +We are developing two models ("SteadyXP"). "SteadyXP @" is for GoPro series, "SteadyXP +" is a model that corresponds to most cameras such as digital single lens, mirrorless, condenser, etc. It is designed to be attached to the back of GoPro and accessory shoe of camera I will.

SteadyXP is not a device that suppresses camera shake itself even if it suppresses blurring. Inside the device, a device for three-dimensionally capturing the sway of the main body in three dimensions of X axis / Y axis / Z axis is built in, and the motion of the camera mounted with the device is recorded as data It is.

In the recorded data, all movement and shake of the camera body at the time of shooting are saved. It is a unique stabilizer technology developed by SteadyXP that almost all of the image shake is cut by checking the data and the image actually taken by the camera using dedicated software.

Images stabilized using SteadyXP can be checked from the following movies. Although the images before and after the correction are compared, it is possible to realize that the surprisingly unnecessary movements are reduced and born into the image of the movement named "nurru" unique to the stabilizer .

Photographing while skiing behind the skier. It is a very difficult scene to obtain stable images even with professional photographers, but the images that were actually produced are extremely smooth. I am surprised that it is a smooth image because it is too smooth, and the speed feeling and realism are lost.

In this way, high stability is given even in the video taken after chasing the runner who jogs.

It is impossible to explain everything with still images, so I definitely want you to realize the effect by playing the movie.

With SteadyXP's software, you can suppress the camera shake, you can use the function to always stabilize the image horizontally and the motion compensation function in the rotation direction, and the part which protrudes from the frame because the motion is too large to generate by software It is said that it is possible to utilize so many processing functions such as complementing functions by doing.

When installing "SteadyXP +" on a general digital camera, it is designed to be attached to the accessory shoe as follows. Since SteadyXP + has a built-in lithium-ion battery, it does not need to supply power from the camera.

However, since it is necessary to connect with the video / audio output terminal and the cable with the camera main unit, you need to use the model equipped with each terminal. It also supports professional cameras equipped with XLR terminals for audio, so it can be used for a wide range of applications from amateurs to professionals.

A hard connection is not necessary when "SteadyXP @" is installed in GoPro. SteadyXP @ has a terminal for GoPro so you can use it by snapping it into the back of GoPro.

Even when putting GoPro in the case, it corresponds to the back cover for the battery pack, so it will be possible to use it without problems even in the water.

SteadyXP is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 150,000 euros (about 20 million yen) of the target amount, about 370 thousand euros (about 50 million yen) is gathered from over 1,700 investors around the world at the time of article creation.

In the case of "SteadyXP @" for GoPro, the Early Bird plan, which is an early investment discount system, already has a frame, but the "Original" plan, which was 30% discounted from the regular price, costs 170 euros (about 23,000 Can be invested in yen). There are plans that the discount rate is 20% and the investment amount is 200 euro (about 27,000 yen) which is a little expensive, but if you invest in here, you can preferentially ship the product.

In the case of "SteadyXP +" for digital cameras, the Early Bird plan still remains, and it is possible to invest in at 230 euros (about 31,000 yen). Even in this case, there is a plan to have priority shipped by reducing the discount amount.

There is also a plan that can get both SteadyXP @ and SteadyXP +, and the contribution amount is 410 euros (about 55,000 yen).

In addition, shipping to Japan requires a separate shipping fee of 15 euros to 30 euros (about 2000 yen to 4000 yen) according to the plan. The deadline for investment is Japan time on October 11, Sunday, October 11, 12:59, and the shipping time is scheduled to be around January to March 2016.

SteadXP - The Future of Video Stabilization by SteadXP - Kickstarter

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