The floor where the floppy disk is still active at work, but the day of the end gradually approaches

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If you were using a computer by the early 2000s, you definitelyfloppy diskI should have been indebted to her. After that, the rise of optical media such as MO and CD-ROM, the spread of data management by USB memory and cloud has become less popular, but there are fields that are still in active use in the world It seems.

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In Norway, one of the welfare developed countries, floppy disks are delivered once a month to physicians operating in the country. In Norway each of the citizens is a system that decides their "family care" doctor, but the government is in charge of that management. Because the citizen can freely choose the family doctor and the change is done on a daily basis, the government registers the name of the citizen in charge of all the doctors once a month It seems that it is supposed to send floppy which it contained.

The floppy to be sent has a plastic case3.5 inchesIt is of the type and it is indispensable for utilization in the MS - DOS based business system. In fact, dataSecure electronic medical recordsThere are also options for sending, and already many doctors are transitioning to a new method, but there are still many doctors who continue to use the conventional floppy method even in 2015, It is bothered by obtaining the floppy which became difficult to obtain by the institution in charge.

Although it is said that floppy arrangements are being negotiated with retail stores and wholesalers in the country and so on, there are various problems such as inventory bottoming and restricting the number of sales etc. It is said that it is. Currently an online specialty shop ""We are adopting a method to procure media from"

Although procurement of media is also serious, it is also a serious task to accurately distribute the floppy containing the data to each doctor. Finn Espen Gundersen, who is in charge of operations, uses a system that prints bar codes on floppies and envelopes for sending, creates data, creates envelopes, and checks when enclosing in envelopes He said he is making a mechanism to prevent mistakes. There are many part-time workers and intern students who actually do this work, but it seems to be a system that can confirm by just holding a barcode reader.

However, this mechanism is about to come to an end in the near future. The Norwegian government has announced that it will finish sending data by floppy even in early 2016, and thereafter it is stated that all doctors are to use electronic charts. Also, it seems that one using the floppy from the world will disappear.

In Japan, there is still an industry that still uses floppies in active service. Administrative agencies manage the data for machining on floppy at machines of town factories and Nishijin weave of traditional Japanese, data on online machines (computers) for business that have been used for a long time are left on floppies It seems that there are many things that continue.

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