Microsoft complains that the recycling company steals and sells Office licenses

ByJames Marvin Phelps

Microsoft recalled electronic equipment was sued by Microsoft as stolen and selling licenses of Office 2010 equivalent to several hundred million yen.

Microsoft sues recycling contractor after sales of stolen Office software - Puget Sound Business Journal

In response to the complainant recycler's Global Electronics Recycling (GER), Microsoft said "GER has entered into a contract to confirm that" Microsoft products are not in use and recycle computers " Despite this, I neglected to supervise employees and did actions contrary to the contract. "We are seeking payment of losses due to resale of 70 thousand Office 2010. According to the contract, it seems that the material used for Microsoft's products was "prohibited to offer, resell, discard to people in a state that can be used for original use".

BySamuel Mann

This was not the first time that Microsoft sued a recycling company, but at the beginning of 2015 it was suing a recycling company named Tampa recycling company on sale of an informal Windows 7-based computer.

In addition, on September 22, on the blog on September 22, "Microsoft can not upgrade to Office 2016 at $ 35 (about 4,200 yen), which is half of the usual price for those who are using Office 2010 on PCs with Windows 10 installed" Has been announced. The Office 2015 for Office 365 subscribers has been available since September 22, and the release of the packaged version is not yet yet, but it seems that it is already available for download on MSDN.

Microsoft Office 2016 now available to download [Update]

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