Finally IPv4 address of North America really exhausted

ByThierry ehrmann

Among the IP addresses essential as the foundation of the Internet, "IPv4 addressWill not be allocated soonIP address exhaustion problemIs approaching. Meanwhile, the Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) in the region registry for the jurisdiction of IP addresses in North America, Caribbean, Atlantic Area and Antarctica surrounding area announces that the stock of freely allocated IPv4 addresses is depleted did.

ARIN IPv4 Free Pool Reaches Zero

Region that has jurisdiction over the North American area ARIN of the Internet registry was previouslyAnnounced to limit the distribution of IPv4 addresses, And migration to IPv6 address and IPv4 addressWaiting listTo deal with the allocation of missing IPv4 addresses.

However, since the transition to IPv6 has not progressed sufficiently, IPv4 allocated even if it is registered in the waiting list rarely returns to ARIN, so ARIN assigns the last IPv4 address on 24th September 2015 , Announced that the managed IPv4 stock was exhausted. There are five worldwide ARIN,APNIC,RIPE NCC,LACNIC,AfriNICOf the four regions of the Internet registry, IPv4 address was exhausted.

ARIN will continue to accept requests for IPv4 address blocks from now on, but in order to receive new assignments it is necessary to wait for the waiting list to be empty or buy it from a seller of the IP address . On the other hand, ARIN's depletion of IPv4 is expected to markedly raise the price of IPv4 addresses, and ARIN CEO John Kallan said "All organizations should start IPv6 transition as soon as possible and prepare for the arrival of the next phase of the InternetI call on you.

ByThierry ehrmann

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