There is a "weekend effect" that the mortality rate at the hospital jumps up on weekends

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The tendency that the death rate of the hospital of the weekend rises compared to weekday is called "weekend effect", and case examples were reported all over the world. In September 2015, a new findings report was reported in the UK and the details of the weekend effect that hospital mortality rate will rise from Friday to Sunday has been clarified.

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In Japan as well, research results that "weekend effect exists" had been reported.

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Analysis of the data of 55 million patients in Tohoku University's research conducted in 2014 showed that the death rate on Saturday afternoon is higher by 17% compared with other days. Another study analyzed the data of 218,758 in medical institutions in Berlin, the afternoon mortality rate was 21% higher than other time zones and the death rate on weekends was 22% It was also found high. The month with the highest death rate among the year is also known to be February.

As the possibility that the death that should have been avoided originally was brought about by the weekend effect, this time, in the UKNational Health Service(NHS)The research team also conducted a survey using medical records from 2013 to 2014. According to the study, in the UK, the number of people hospitals accepted patients in 30 days was 159 million people, while that patient died in 290,000 people, the overall death rate is 1.8% However, on Friday the death rate became 2%, it turned out that it rises to 10% on Saturday, to 15% on Sunday and to 5% at Monday. Taken together, it is thought that as many as 11,000 patients are dying due to weekend effect.

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However, the study considers the age of the patient and the level of the disease, but since it is difficult to measure how much each factor affects it, "the death of 11,000 patients should have been avoided" It should not be concluded immediately.

The cause of the weekend effect is unknown at the moment, but it is also related to the tendency that major injuries are likely to occur on weekends and afternoons, symptoms of illness tend to occur, and the care standard is different between weekdays and weekends It is seen.

Also, in the UK, an experienced doctor is working on the weekend and there are many cases where a doctor of the counselor remotely gives instructions. Doctors Mark and Porter of the British Doctors Association says, "To increase the number of doctors on weekends, doctors working on weekdays to increase the number of doctors on weekends, "We are stressed the difficulty of doing administration without making a difference in the content of care on weekdays and weekends, giving medical staff an excessive burden.

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