McAfee's founder John McAfee announces that he will run for the 2016 US presidential election

It is scheduled for November 8, 2016United States presidential electionTo the security company McAfee founderJohn McAfeeIt turned out that Mr. intends to run.

Software pioneer McAfee files paperwork to run for president | TheHill

You Know What This Presidential Race Needs? John McAfee | WIRED

John McAfee, founder of McAfee on September 8, 2015, submitted documents to the Federal Election Commission to run for the 2016 US presidential election. About Mr. McAfee's big news that the founder of the presidential election for McAfee is a candidacy for the presidential election, TheHill paper confirmed the authenticity of the document via Mr. McAfee's personal website, and found out that Mr. Kyle Sandler, who is supposed to supervise the election campaign, It is a fact. " Mr. McAfee said that it is also expected to announce the establishment of a new party in the near future.

In addition, McAfee's submission materials can be confirmed on the following site.

201509089001618254 FEC FORM 2 STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY.pdf
(PDF file)

Speaking of Mr. McAfee, after being suspected of murder in Belize during his stay, he successfully walked through the police 's siege network, gathered up a heart attack and retired to Guatemala and returned to the United States afterwards, I can confirm with the following series of articles that I have sent lonely life.

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Coverage of WIREDMcAfee was originally planning to support neighboring politicians, but unexpectedly there was a strong voice to infer me and I received a lot of letters asking for running to the presidential election So he decided to run for himself, "said the biggest reasons for running," The current US government is too ignorant about the technology such as the Internet, as a result,Massive hacking damage of government officials information by ChinaWhile insisting that "the US government has gathered information by making high-tech companies such as Apple make backdoors", he accused himself of being a security company McAfee founder and technically bright as himself president It explains that it is qualified.

Show radical presence as a potential Republican candidate with extreme remarks and unabated popularityDonald TrumpIn addition to Mr. McAfee 's candidacy, the 2016 US presidential election is likely to gather more attention from all over the world.

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