Founder of McAfee (McAfee) who is arranging for the murder case, is detained at the Mexican border

Mr. John McAfee (67), the founder of American security company McAfee (McAfee), which provides "McAfee · Virus Scan" and "Total Protection Service", one of the standard anti-virus software, Information that the Belize police have been detained is coming out. Mr. McAfee was arranged as an important reference person for the neighbor's murder case, but he is innocent and asserts that the case is a conspiracy by the power of Belize.

Additional notes:
Local time On December 4, Mr. McAfee himselfThis is "decoy" to confuse the Belize authorities, reporting that they have successfully entered GuatemalaIt was done.

Who is McAfee? | The official Blog of John McAfee

◆ Biography of Mr. John McAfee

Mr. McAfee was born in 1945 and is from England. In 1967 he got a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Roanoke College in the USA, worked as a programmer at Goddard Space Science Institute in New York from 1968 to 1970, and after working as a software designer of UNIVAC (Univac), OS design by Xerox, 1978 He joined Computer Science Corporation as a software consultant in the year.

When I moved to Lockheed, known as an airline in the 1980's, computer viruses developed by Pakistani engineersBrain"Even though I got a copy (even if I got a copy), I started to develop antivirus software. In 1987 founded McAfee Associates as a computer virus countermeasure company, released the first commercial anti-virus software. I quit Lockheed in 1989 and focused on one McAfee company, but I retired in 1994.

After that, McAfee Associates became public in 1996, merged with Network General in 1997 and renamed Network Associates, and in seven years later it became McAfee's current name in 2004 and changed its name to Big It is currently one of the names.

McAfee invested in a venture company such as Tribal Voice which developed instant messaging software "PowWow", but in 2000 he took over as Zone Labs, known for security countermeasures such as ZoneAlarm, and became an officer. Later, in 2003 Zone Labs was acquired by Check Point Software. Although Mr. McAfee continued venture business afterwards, it was reported that at the peak of the financial crisis of 2009, the asset of 100 million dollars had decreased to 4 million dollars.

I moved to Belize in Latin America in 2008.

◆ April 2012 arrested with drag & weapons ownership

Antivirus Founder, John McAfee, says politics caused GSU raid | Channel

In April 2012, Mr. McAfee is an unauthorized drug (which is a stimulantMethamphetamineProduction, and arrested by Belize police on charge of ownership of unauthorized weapons. At this time, it is reported that the Gang Suppression Force (GUS) stepped into his home, "Shooting dogs shot and forfeit passports".

In this case, police spokesperson Raphael Martinez said, "I was questioned because I was charged, but I did not get guilty." Mr. McAfee was released after several hours of detention. He insisted that he was innocent and that this arrest was a retribution to refusing to bribe politicians of the Democratic Union Party (one of the two major parties in Belize).

◆ November 2012 Arrangement as an important reference person for alleged murder of neighbors

Gregory Faure (52), who emigrated from the United States on 11th November 2012,Ambergris Caye IslandIt was discovered as a shooting body at home. What was used9mm RuggerSo, Mr. Faul was receiving a blow from the back to his head. Mr. Fall and Mr. McAfee are next to each other. Mr. McAfee had many dogs in his possession, but whenever someone approached the beach the dog ran to the fence and barked, it was in trouble with neighbors, especially Mr. Faul One week before the incident, I was appealing to mayor of San Pedro.

The police tried to listen to Mr. McAfee as an important reference person, but Mr. McAfee escaped. For this reason, "McAfee's founder was wanted for murder charges" came to be announced in the news. Belize Police in a Murder Case Investigation Following the McAfee Founder's Disappearance

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Founder of US McAfee, fled in Central America to Critical Reference Murder - International

McAfee founder is a murderer? Belize, three people restrained - MSN Sankei News

Meanwhile, McAfee explains circumstances according to the interview of and CNN in the escape life.

Murder Suspect John McAfee: I'm Innocent | Threat Level |

CNN Exclusive: McAfee comes out of hiding to talk about life on the run -

According to Mr. McAfee's claim, on the evening of 9th November, the Coast Guard or the authorities will land troops on the coast. He seems to have poisoned Mr. McAfee's dog. The dogs seemed not to be killing instantly, so McAfee shot himself and buried himself in the garden because it was in such a terrible condition that the former girlfriend testified. Mr. McAfee told Mr. Joshua Davis of Wired, who had been interviewed several times over the night, "The Coast Guard has dropped the team to the beach, after 30 minutes the dog was poisoned after scattering on the coast Mellow, Lucky, Dipsy, and Guerrero, everyone has died. "

And the murder case occurred on the 11th. Mr. McAfee was listening to the gunshot at this time and the assailant murdered himself and Mr. Faul and killed himself and the next is the fear of myself being torn. When the police came to the interrogation, it seems that they went dying in the sand and breathing in the cardboard wearing it from the head.

Both and CNN asked "Do I have to prove innocence in response to hearing?" McAfee refused to say that "If I go out, I will be killed." Regarding the relationship with Fo's case, he insisted on not guilty, "I have not killed and I have never asked anyone to kill."

Mr. McAfee's continuing interview with Davis witnessed the neighbor complaining about the dog when he went to listen to the story in August 2012. Mr. McAfee has an armed guard for the possession of security, and it seems that neighbors were frightened because the guards had shotguns. The next day after the interview, Mr. McAfee said that he called a carpenter to make a new fence so that dogs will not approach the beach. Also, after receiving a notification that the dog was dead, when asked about the relationship with the neighbor "deny that no one is poisoned". About Fall's also said, "He is not a person to do such a thing, although he may have been angry with a dog, but he does not hurt," he said.

Mr. Davis also remembered that McAfee's house had a 9 mm Rugger bullet at the summer interview. However, McAfee explained that the gun was confiscated at the April home search. "You (Mr. Davis) may think that it is a paranoia that continues to say that I will be killed by the authorities, that can not be done, but they have been pursuing me for months, I want to silence me The prime ministers do not seem to think so, they are like something nearby nearby. "

Mr. McAfee showed 12 or more disposable mobile phones when CNN interviewed. Since the incident in November, it is believed to have used more than 200 in the 3-week flight. "" is a blog that Mr. McAfee himself made to record the harassment from the Belize government. Mr. McAfee's wish is that the real culprit of Fall's murder can be found first. Secondly, being able to speak freely in Belize people whose remarks are being suppressed. "I like Belize, this is the best place in the world" to Mr. Davis.

◆ December 2 Is secured personality at Belize · Mexico border?

John McAfee arrested for murder on Mexico / Belize border

On Monday local time December 2, McAfee long forced to be reported was reportedly detained on the border between Belize and Mexico.

GSU leader, Marco Bidart, chases Mr. McAfee as being an important reference person for the murder case, saying his claim that "the authorities are about to trap Mr. McAfee" "It is a lie. There is no personal feeling against Mr. McAfee, and we do not need to poison dogs. "

"McAfee donated equipment equivalent to 100,000 dollars to San Pedro police, where cocaine bags were mixed somewhere and became McAfee's house searching material and another farming equivalent of $ 80,000 worth of equipment There is also a story saying "It has become", it is noteworthy whether "truth" becomes clear.

2012/12/04 9:48 postscript

We Are with John McAfee Right Now, Suckers | VICE

Mobile Privacy - Publishes Exclusive with John McAfee Reveals Location In iPhone Metadata (EXIF)

Mr. McAfee is accompanied by's editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro and photographer Robert King, and he continues to take documentaries. An article called "We Are with John McAfee Right Now, Suckers" was posted on around 5 pm JST on December 4th, Japan, but photos showing McAfee and Editor in Castoro in this article It is a metadata of the fact that the point of shoot is Guatemala.

According to the Mobile Privacy which got the original, the picture was taken in the place of Rio de Luce in Guatemala, although the picture has been replaced with the one whose geographical information has already been deleted. Rio de Luce is a little west side of a place written as "Puerto Barrios" on the map below. Belize is on the north side. By the way. Since the border between Belize and Mexico that was in the initial report is Belize Northwest, it is completely opposite.

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Another Apology. | Who is McAfee?

Mr. McAfee explained that as an emergency occurred, Mr. McAfee explained that VICE had uploaded pictures of XIF data altered in order to distract the whereabouts, interfering with the creation of objective documentaries I'm posting an apology that sorry.

Add on December 5
McAfee announced that he entered Guatemala. Contents of the following report is from the following.

McAfee founder entrusted to Guatemala safely without pursuing the pursuit of the Belize authorities, pulling the former Attorney General to the ally side

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