What kind of man is considered to be the identity of the "Holy Warrior John" in Islamic countries?

In the case where two Japanese were kidnapped and murdered in Syria, the identity of the battered guy "Holy Warrior John (Jihadi John)" in the movie released by the organization that called "Islamic State" (Islamic State, IS) , The Washington Post reported that he was a programmer who lived in London. Until now it has been rumored that it is a hip-hop artist, but it seems that British and American intelligence agencies have been grasping beforehand that identity is this programmer.

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Until now, the identity of the man on the mask is unknown, and there was a theory that it was Abdel-Majed Abdel-Barry of the hip-hop artist, but the name that the Washington Post named as its identity is London I am a programmer from Mr. Mohamed Enwaji.

This was reported by overseas correspondent Adam Goldman and Soad Meckette reporter, Goldman reporters knew about this before long ago, but also that Enji was also John It was said that the articles could not be released because British and American intelligence agencies that had grasped that they should refrain from presenting the announcement. However, as the hostages of Americans have already been judged to have disappeared, it seems that information was released in this way.

◆ From Kuwait
Enwaji was raised from the Kuwaiti western part of London, and from time to time went to worship mosques in Greenwich. Enwaji is said to be the identity of a man with a black mask of "Jihadi John", but this "John" comes from the Beatles 'John Lennon, and that Enwaji' s words have a British accent It is thought that it is a name attached from. In addition to Enwaji, 600 Britons are said to have entered Syria due to "fighting".

◆ I was educated in the middle class
Enwaji grew up in a relatively wealthy family and was known as 'polite and gentle youth'GuardianI am telling you. I studied computer programming at the University of Westminster and after graduation I worked at a computer company in Kuwait. There is discussion about the IS member's background, but it is considered that the reason for becoming a member is not necessarily "poverty".

Shiraz Mahel, senior fellow at Kings College London, refers to Jihadi John from Twitter as a middle class and well-educated person.

◆ Research subjects of British intelligence agencies for several years
After graduating from university, Enwaji planned a trip to Tanzania with two friends, but was arrested on arrival at Dar es Salaam in May 2009 and was repatriated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands due to deportation. The reason for the disposal was not revealed, but Enwaji was a British information agency ·MI 5By disturbance by, "Islamic powersAl ShababIt is because Enwaji, who has a connection with Somalia, is trying to head to Somalia, which is a power sphere, claimed to Cageprisoners (CAGE) of human rights protection group.

Even after this, MI 5 seems to have marked Enwaji, Enwaji who was restrained in the same way when returning from Kuwait in 2010 saw in the interaction with Asym Cresi, CAGE's research director, " Even when I am in London, I feel like a prisoner even though I am working and marrying, "he said. Mr. Cresi accuses the handling of Enwaji by the authorities.

◆ Arrive in Syria

ByJose Javier Martin Espartosa

According to friends, Enaji wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to teach English in 2012, but this did not come true. However, it passed through the monitoring of the authorities and disappeared and reached Syria. I know that I have contacted my family and friends only once, but the content is unknown.

Next name comes out in 2013, and the former hostage is being monitored by Westerners at POW detention facility in Idorib province of Syria with two men, "George" speaking in British accent I testify. According to the former hostage, George is the leader of the three, Jihadi John (Enwaji) was quiet and intellectual impression. In this facility Enwaji made watercolors for four hostages of Westerners. The accommodation facility moved to the village of northern Syria in early 2014. Again George et al. 3 people were in charge of monitoring the hostages, it seems that the position inside the IS got up.

◆ Why was Mohammed Enwaji identified as "Jihadi John"?
By February 2015 before the press was reported on Enwaji, little information about him was on the internet. There was no account of SNS, finally I found out the name listed in the voter list. There is no unnatural information in the Internet era, which is considered to be a dare action.

In addition, Washington Post got a testimony from Enwaji 's close friend who saw the picture of Jihadi John "He and I were close friends like brothers, he is right." Mr. Kuresi of CAGE also said that "When you are asked if Enwaji can be said to be jihadi john" after being shown a masked man's movie, he replied "It is very similar".

In addition, the authorities also listen to the hostages, and using Jiangyin Jihon to identify the identity of Jihadi John by using all kinds of techniques including voice analysis, from the history of Enwaji and the evidence as above, Washington The post concludes that "Muhammad Enawi is Jihadi John".

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