The movie "Match Head Bomb at 2500 fps movie" shot with super slow motion as to what happens when as many as 6000 matches flare up at a stretch

A moment when a balloon enters a huge water balloon breaksYaThe moment to release the guns underwaterWe have taken a number of ultra slow motion moviesThe Slow Mo GuysThis time the 6,000 batters of the match were ignited in a stroke and the movie that shot how it burns "Match Head Bomb at 2500 fps"Is released to the public.

Match Head Bomb at 2500 fps - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

Gavin and Daniel from The Slow Mo Guys appeared. I am working on removing only the head part of the match, but it took more than 3 hours to work because there are as many as 6000 matches.

The head of the removed match is full.

Put the head of the match into the container of the mixer.

What will happen if this match matches fire?

Set a match on the left side and shoot with the camera from the right side. The camera uses the next-generation high-speed camera "Phantom Flex 4K".

The shooting starts at last. First of all, Mr. Gabin put a fire on the container.

Even if I waited for a few seconds, nothing happened and two people seemed to be "funny?"

Smoke came out of the container at that moment.

A moment when Gabin was rushed away, a big fire pillared up.

For a moment fire pillar will rise to about 2 m in height.

The fire fell in a couple of seconds.

Slow motion from here.

Fire rises up with smoke ......

A fire pillar stood at once.

While burning with glue, the match has jumped out of the container with a bamboo stone.

Again with another angle.

At the moment when smoke got out little by little, it ignited in a stroke.

And the head of the match begins scattering.

The number of bamboo matches is tremendous, just like rain of fire.

It seems like a fantastic atmosphere is like a match flying over.

It looks like this from a distance away. I am surprised at the height of the pillar.

When the fire stops, extinguish it with water. It is quite dangerous, so be careful not to mimic it.

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