3GB memory version appeared on the original / world's thinnest smartphone "OPPO R5", shipping OK to Japan so I tried to import it individually

Among the smartphone manufacturers in China that continue to make great strides such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo,OPPOIt is known for making a unique smart phone that makes a difference from others. Among them, using the overwhelming "thinness" of 4.85 mm, we gained popularity from users who place importance on designabilityOPPO R5"Upgraded the memory to 3 GB,"OPPO R5s"Newly appeared as. OPPO R5s is OPPO's official online mail order site "OppoStyle"It is said that three international channels of international version, Europe version, American version are prepared and international shipping site is also accepting shipping to Japan, so we imported personal imports, immediately with original thin world smartphone in hand I put it in.

OPPO R5s Gray - OppoStyle International

You can easily understand what type of smartphone Smartphone "OPPO R5" is the thinnest source in the world by following article.

Ultra thin world's thinnest 4.85 mm ultra-thin smartphone "Oppo R 5" - GIGAZINE

You can cut apple and watermelon, split the walnut, and even if you step on the car, you can check the appearance of R5 in the following movie.

The R5 - Does it SMASH? - YouTube

By the end of August 2015, a new model "R5s" with 3 GB memory appeared in this ruthlessly thin and strong Smartphone R5. R5s can be purchased at OPPO's official store OppoStyle and shipping to Japan is also possible. So when I ordered it, R5s arrived in about a week. The shipping company was FedEx and the shipping fee was free.

A box made of cardboard of the OPPO logo appeared from inside.

Among them was a box of R5s. By combining the boxes of FedEx it is more than enough to say that we are packing in triple.

Then take out the middle box from the paper package ......

Finally I reached the case.

R5s appeared when you removed the top cover.

It is its thinness that eyes go first. The thinness of 4.85 mm used to be the title of the "world's thinnest", and it is certain that it can be counted as "one of the thinnest smartphones" at the present moment as of September 2015.

When R5s is taken in hand, it is surprisingly extensive from a fiery casing. The size is 148.9 mm in length × 74.5 mm in width × 4.85 mm in thickness and weighs 155 g.

The rear is changed from white × silver to black × gray of the previous model R5. The rigidity feeling is rather high, so worrying about "maybe turn?" Is totally useless. As expected it is enough to crush the walnuts and it seems that they have enough strength.

In the box is an accessory.

R5s main body, protective case, Micro-USB cable, AC adapter, earphone, SIM slot ejector metal fittings, instructions.

Since the AC adapter is a common type in China and Hong Kong, you need a conversion adapter to use it in Japan.

OPPO R 5s is equipped with 5.2 inch full HD (1920 × 1080) organic EL display. SoC is Snapdragon 615 (1.5 GHz 8 core), memory up 3 GB from 1 GB up from previous model R 5, storage is 32 GB, battery capacity is 2000 mAh. OS adopts original OS "Color OS 2.0" based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

There are two antenna lines on the top. It is a little floating due to the rear camera that protrudes.

SIM card slot at the bottom of the left side.

Microphone and Micro-USB port on the bottom.

Power button and volume button on the right side.

On the upper part of the surface there is a speaker and an F value of 2.0, a wide-angle 5,000,000 pixel camera with a wide angle of 83 degrees, and self-shooting seems to make a big progress.

The "return" button is the same as Samsung and Xiaomi on the right side.

The rear camera that jumped out was 13 million pixels with Sony's Exmor IMX 214 BSI sensor. It has high HDR function and can also change focus after shooting, camera performance is also enhanced.

The thinness of the main body becomes the characteristic and the protrusion of the camera becomes conspicuous.

The texture of side buttons is good. Metal processing precision is never inferior to expensive smartphones.

If you look closely, the protective film has already been pasted. Of course the positioning of the camera and the speaker is perfect, there is no chile or dust mixing. Because it saves the trouble of sticking protective film every time, this concern is pretty good.

SIM card supports micro size. R5s is a promising SIM lock-free terminal, and the corresponding LTE band is Band 1/3/7 for FDD-LTE and Band 40 for TD-LTE.

It is like this when compared with Xperia Z3 (right) of the same 5.2 inch display. R5s has a slightly larger bezel width above and below.

It overlaps with iPhone 6 (bottom) and it looks like this. In the photograph, the difference in thinness appears slightly, but when you see or touch the real thing, I feel a big difference.

The attached protective cover is translucent. Services such as OPPO, including the cover, are leading the other companies.

When the cover was attached, the protrusion of the camera disappeared in a good condition. However, it is also true that the phenomenon thinness of 4.85 mm becomes inconspicuous when the cover is attached. It is a very annoying place whether to take peace of mind or to take a design.

The button part and the Micro-USB port part have been cut out and there is no problem with operation. The side part is transparent as well.

When starting the initial power supply, start from the initial setting screen. First we will set the language.

Select "Japanese" and tap "→" icon.

Next is regional setting.

But unfortunately there is no Japan, so check "Other" and tap "Next".

As it becomes the Wi-Fi setting screen, select the Wi-Fi SSID and connect it to the net. You can also skip the Wi-Fi setting. Tap "Next".

Tap "Next".

Tap "Next".

Tap "Start using" OK. In addition, the default Japanese was perfect grammar.

This is Android-based ColorOS home screen. ColorOS does not have a drawer button, it seems that all the icons are arranged on the screen.

Swipe down on the edge of the screen ......

Quick launcher appeared.

By tapping the button at the bottom left of the display you can change the widget, wallpaper and theme.

Tap the default 'Browser' app.

It is like this when GIGAZINE is displayed. There is no problem with the reading speed of the image. Snapdragon 615's octacore's crispy feeling is good.

Unlike smartphones sold in China, unlike smartphones sold in China, the international version of R5s allows you to use the Google Play store and install Android applications, so even with its own ColorOS, it does not change with Android OS.

Of course, Google service is also pre-installed. Android terminal users do not seem to need to think about it as a proprietary OS.

It was a very short time to create an article, but R5s is a smartphone equipped with the latest 8 core SoC, which is extremely comfortable to operate. However, because the case is too thin, the backside heats up and the continuous driving time as 2000 mAh battery capacity as expected is as expected in advance. However, it has a charm in design called "thinness" that compensates for such a disadvantage, and it seems that it can be said to be a smartphone that meets ownership desire.

OPPO R5s can be purchased at OPPO's official online shop "OppoStyle" for 499 dollars (about 60,000 yen), but unfortunately it is sold out at the time of article creation. With direct sales from the manufacturer official shop, free shipping to Japan is free. Since it can be confirmed on the site such as the shipping situation and it can be reported from time to time even by e-mail, even overseas shoppers who are new to the store can purchase overseas made smartphones with confidence.

OPPO R5s Gray - OppoStyle International

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