A movie that makes the history until sugar is transmitted to Europe is crisp

latest"Daily Sugar Intake Guidelines"According to can juice, it is said that sugar intake should be reduced as much as possible for health, as there is a quantity of sugar that will be out just by drinking one. Such sugar is very valuable and expensive in medieval Europe, it was a magical seasoning that everyone wants, but where the sugar was born and how it was transferred to Europe, A movie that summarizes that it is easy is released.

Where Did Sugar Come From? - Addicted To Pleasure - BBC - YouTube

In medieval Europe before sugar was transmitted, honey was used as a substitute for sugar, but it was only the man of the monastery who was doing beekeeping that was able to eat honey all the year.

Then where did the sugar come from and how did it spread all over the world? It is said that the birthplace of sugar is in the South Pacific around 8000 BC to 1500 BCNew Guinea Island.

On New Guinea Island, sugarcane as a raw material of sugar was cultivated.

Sugar made by processing sugarcane will be exported to all over the world by ship.

Sugar is transmitted to India around 400 BC ......

Sugar spread to the Middle East.

Sugar was brought into Europe in the 13th century.

Sugar is a very expensive item, so it is a kind of status to have sugar among aristocrats. Sometimes glittering sugar work was given to the noblemen's table.

The movie changes and the scene making sugar work is displayed. I made various decorative parts by hardening sugar paste with wood type, sugar work such as castle and bronze statue was made.

It is Ivan Day who is familiar with the history of food talking about the history of such sugar.

Illustrations used at a sample of sugar work that was being made at the time. He said that he was present up to 16 feet tall (about 1.8 m) of sugar work.

Sugarworks made by Mr. Dei is like this, you can see that fruits and decorations are reproduced with sugar. This is easy, but by making even more elaborate sugar work, the nobles of Europe at that time were able to show off their wealth. In addition, by decorating sugar work on the table, now it is a luxury car "MaseratiIt seems that the status was about the same as ownership.

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