Disclose how Google will disable ad blocking feature in iOS 9

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Encrypted protocol ·HTTPSGoogle has released a code to disable Apple's new security features "Block ads that do not employ the HTTPS method". "We prioritized advertising over security," controversial.

Google Ads Developer Blog: Handling App Transport Security in iOS 9

Apple from iOS 9App Transport Security(ATS)We will start the function called. When ATS is enabled on iOS terminal, only encrypted HTTPS method is permitted, and content not adopting HTTPS method will be blocked as not meeting Apple's security standard. Therefore, if the ad of the application is not encrypted, the ad is hidden on the application.

Google recommends the use of HTTPS, and even in the search results announced that "preferential treatment of websites that support HTTPS" was announced, but as if to go against that movement, August 20, 2015 It is Google's advertisement service on the blog of the dayAdMobFor users, we announced a code that makes it possible to deliver advertisement information even with an unencrypted HTTP method.

However, in the blog, "It is recommended that we use HTTPS method" is written, and the code is released as a provisional countermeasure method while the developer shifts from the HTTP method to the HTTPS method to the last. Still, many developers rebounded against Google's announcement that "Google prioritized ads over security".

To the contrary, Google postscript on the following day 27, "I would like to clarify that as we were asked about measures towards the release of iOS 9 that comes to developers, And since Apple has also announced another approach in the past, developers should think about when ATS measures did not go well, "he said. I am talking.

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Before Google announced, Apple himself also announced the same way as this time at WWDC, and although both companies aim for the same thing, Google with a face as an advertising company has a security problem and advertisement It is also seen as a compromise of the code released again.

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