Google will release a report on encryption of Gmail, revealing the penetration of encrypted mail in the well-known domain

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Because unencrypted mail is in a state that can be seen if a malicious user wants to see it, it may cause a situation such as leakage of personal information. In order to reduce such danger, e-mail encryption technology is used, but there are many service providers that do not encrypt e-mails among e-mail providers, and even among Japanese famous domains, e-mail Google reports reveal the fact that there are still many companies that do not encrypt them.

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Google announced that it is "February 9, 2016"Safer Internet Day"On the day of receiving the e-mail, the function of checking whether the received e-mail is encrypted or not,Transport layer securityWe implemented a function in Gmail that can check whether TLS support is available. Since the function was implemented, the amount of encrypted messages received by Gmail has increased by 25%.

To prepare for further attacks trying to disable cryptography, Google will use Comcast, Microsoft, Yahoo! In cooperation with companies like the current systemSMTPDefined a strict transport security mechanismInternet draftWe are discussing international standards of Internet technologyIETFSubmitted to. If this Internet draft is standardized, the company can check whether the received mail passed through the encrypted channel, and if the encryption fails, the report will be sent.

According to a report published by Google, 82% of the mail sent from Gmail to other mail providers is encrypted.

On the other hand, the percentage of mails sent from other mail providers to Gmail is encrypted is 75%. However, this57% in the pastIt is greatly improved from.

Looking at the percentage of encrypted received mails from March 2016 in the past year, there is a tendency that it increases after 2016.

The upper domain of the world that supports encryption during transmission is like this. Domains such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter are lined up, supporting almost 100% encryption in reception and transmission.

When narrowing down the region to Asia, companies that do not support encryption at reception have become conspicuous. Rakuten ( has Japanese encryption support of more than 95%, but Yahoo! ( is less than 1%.

In transmission, docomo (, au ( Softbank (, is 0%. Yahoo! Was less than 1%. It is a consequence that Japanese encryption support is delayed compared with companies in the world.

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