I tried how much the mosquito nets "netsumen" to wear will prevent mosquito attacks

"Walking sleeping bag"Or"Wearing person type fleeceAlthough it may exert an unexpected effect by becoming a human type, it is possible to show an effect that can not be solved by becoming a human figure, but a mosquito net worn by a humanoid who wore a mosquito net covering the entrance of the bedroom and the surroundings of the bed is "Netzumen"is. In addition to being able to cover mosquito attacks with a mosquito net without any gaps from the head to the hands and toes, in high probability it is possible not only to prevent attacks of mosquito at high probability but also to feel like being released to the aura which does not bring insects away by fluorescent color, I tried it at the campsite etc. actually how much practicality it holds.

Humanoid mosquito netizumen. Pull out in the net, human race. Wear mosquito Netzumen Pink / Blue / Ivory - BIBILAB (Vivirabo) -

Humanoid mosquito net "Netzumen" is simply wrapped. From the left, L size (~ 180 cm) "Temporary innocence of White tiger (Baby's Kajo)Similarly, an L size "Souten summer rainstorm (Nostelgia Nostel)"For women, M size (~ 165 cm)"Tencho no Ou Hagoromon (Teronhora's Hagoromo)There are three types.

It looks like this when spreading out. The reason that the waist is dumpy is that it is a device that heat is not likely to stick to.

The mesh is a 1 mm square minimal mesh cloth as seen in the up, so you can prepare for a mosquito attack just by wearing it.

Editing staff of 165 cm tall wore "Souten summer rain". It covers up to the face completely, but the impression that visibility is not bad than the thought because mesh fabric.

Because the body and the netted dumplings do not cling to perfectly, the part which is not in close contact with the skin becomes considerably hard to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Guard completely to the tip of the finger. A black rubber band is attached inside the wrist / ankle, and it prevents mosquito from entering from the sleeve.

Opening the zipper on the wrist part ... ...

You can expose only the tip from the wrist, enabling detailed work while wearing netizumen.

I will hang around when I leave the hand part, but I can catch it around the elbow so that it will not get in the way.

Completely guards the tip of the foot as well.

With slippers and sandals it is possible to wear netizumen.

Of course the foot part can also be detached ......

There is a place to hang around the back of the knee.

Since the touch panel of the smartphone reacts, it seems to be able to do as long as the phone is wearing the netizumen.

It is possible to remove the head part like a hood.

Netizumen is hard to wear, so it is not suitable for frequent detachment, but zipper is around the waist ... ...

Adopt "toilet system while wearing" that allows you to go to the toilet just by opening the zipper.

It was a strange sight as all the netizens gathered.

In addition, netizumen does not prevent mosquito attacks 100%, there is a possibility that mosquitoes and the like are part of the close contact with the skin. If you use insect repellant spray together with Netzumen, you get more power.

If you sprinkle insect repellent spray on Netzumen, it becomes difficult for insects to cling to it, and even if the mosquitoes pass through the effect of spray, there are iron walled mesmens waiting there. After using it is washing in the washing machine is OK.

So, I actually tried using it to take it to the campground and how long it will not get bitten by mosquitoes. Netizumen glows glowingly when it hits the light, so it feels like he is releasing an aura that does not make a mosquito back. However, when the light reflects on the mesh fabric in the dark, the sight will be drastically worse, so I wanted the face to have transparent vinyl etc. I tried it outside the tent for about 30 minutes, but never got used to mosquitoes so much.

Because I am hungry so I tried making a cup ramen while wearing a netzumen, but "I will water the kettle in the water", "Boil hot water with a kettle" "Open the cup ramen seal and prepare" "hot water Being able to put in "was possible even without removing netizumen.

Beware that you can not eat as it is. Also, it will be very conspicuous when you wear a netzuman in a campsite, so it seems useful if you do not mind the person's eyes. I spent about netting for about an hour in the summer, I felt a hot air in the netsmen and sweat like a waterfall, but the effect of repelling the mosquito was felt as sharpness. It was impossible to wear it all the time, but it might be comfortable for a cool time such as the morning. In addition to the outdoor, people working in the garden of the house etc. should be useful because they can wear for a short time.

In addition, the price of Amazon's net netsumen "Amazon" is 4594 to 4639 yen for each color.

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