Twentieth anniversary from Windows 95, CM using songs of Stones, etc at the time of the movie summary

On August 24, 1995, in the United States it became the driving force to build a computer society afterwardsWindows 95Has been released. At the time of the CM campaign etc. at the time, the song "Start Me Up" of the big rock band "Rolling Stones" was used, but put together the nostalgic CM video and the introduction movie of that time at the same time Saw.

Get Rolling Stones' 'Start Me Up' free Aug. 24 to celebrate 20 th anniversary of Windows 95 - The Fire Hose

The state of the CM using "start me up" looks something like this. If you like rock, it is a classic famous song that you've heard once, but that was used in Windows campaigns a long time ago. In the movie, it shows the appearance of document creation, school education, used at the work site, but almost no screen of the Internet like present is displayed, "MSN" which appears only for a moment is also called "personal computer Communication "... etc., and so on, those who know things at that time have unexpectedly hot breast content.

Windows 95 launch video 60s

This song was chosen for the first time "StartIt should be for conveying the concept of Windows 95 with the button. In Microsoft's events, Steve Ballmer shakes violently and Mr. Bill Gates who takes a step away and has a nostalgic appearance.

Windows 95 Launch - YouTube

In addition, Microsoft is implementing a campaign to distribute this "start me up" for free on August 24th in the US time only. Unfortunately, this was not accepted in Japan, but if you have an American account, it may be worth a try.

Tattoo You (2009 Remaster) - Microsoft Store

Microsoft also paid 3 million dollars (about 300 million yen at that rate) to the Rolling Stones to use this song, said Bob Harbold, the official at the time and now retired, .

What Microsoft paid The Stones to help launch Windows 95 | Network World

Also, there seems to be such a commercial being made without using "start me up". Anime that shows the hand - drawn texture and nostalgic movement makes the era feel.

Windows 95 Commercial - YouTube

It seems that this video was also created to introduce Windows 95. It appeared in the TV drama "Friends" which started broadcasting in 1994Jennifer AnistonWhenMatthew PerryAppeared, launching multiple applications such as Excel and Word at the same time to experience "multitasking", how to fax the order form made in Word directly from Windows to a local restaurant, or even 8 characters or more There are amazing appearance including using the file name of. It is a level that tears come out because nostalgia is too long when you see it now, but this is the content made just 20 years ago.

Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry from Friends - Full Video - YouTube

And, nostalgic startup sound. Compared to the startup sound "Papaan" of Windows 3.1, I felt a sense of the future in the sound that makes me feel the ambient atmosphere. It was the great ambient music world that made this soundBrian EnoIt was a well-known story that it was.

Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Sound - YouTube

People who buy Windows 95 at the shop and make crazy dance. The release of Windows 95, which was also said to be a social phenomenon with long queues in Japan, was also regarded as a major event in various parts of the world.


The Windows 95 package looks something like this. One of "CD-ROM Edition" makes the era feel. This package also features high honor of masterpiece of flag gathering drive gamesHover!It was bundled.


In addition, Hover! Is remaking as a WebGL version by 2013, and it is made to play on the browser.

Microsoft remakes the nostalgic game 'Hover!' Which gathers the flags included in Windows 95 to the web version - GIGAZINE

Bill Gates appearing in the Windows 95 event. As of 2015, it is natural that the background is used as a whole presentation screen, but it got overwhelmed just by looking at a design with a huge screen hanging on the background drawing the earth like the image It was something I thought was "Microsoft amazing".


What is going on stage with Gates is a popular TV presenter in the United States,Jay LenoMr. By saying 20 years ago, both of us including fashion are very young ....


With the advent of Windows 95, the Windows OS that has spread to most of the world's PCs is definitely the mainstream of the OS even in 2015 as of 20 years. Whether Windows 10 can keep the same momentum as before is interesting.

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