"World, this is a mobile in Japan" can be said to be portable · World's smallest electric car "Walk Car"

Hardware of the concept "portable car" that can be carried in the world's first bagWalkCar (Walker)"Is from Japan and is about to fly towards the world.

Cocoa motors.Inc | WalkCar (Walker) | Carrying Car

WalkCar is innovative and cool, you can understand with one shot if you see the following movie.

【World's First】 Car into the bag "WalkCar" Walker Cocoa Motors., Inc. - YouTube

Take your hand in the tote bag ......

I took outMacBookMetallic size of size.

When placed on the ground, a hugeMagic TrackpadIt does not look like it does.

But if you ride a huge Magic Trackpad ......

It is free to swivel by weight shift and it is possible to move with Swiss.

This is the "portable car" It is the world's smallest electric car "WalkCar".

We can afford to turn around figure 8.

I will swiss between pylons.

I will not make a slight step difference.

Approaching the stairs.

If you get off quickly OK. Impossible is impossible.

WalkCar if you take your feet off the springboard ... ...

I will immediately stop on the spot.

Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid a collision even if suddenly a pedestrian appears suddenly in front of you, even if it is sudden.

It is not necessary to follow a board that keeps running like a general skateboard.

It is easy to climb a steep slope while carrying the carts' luggage.

Powerfulness that Swiss I can do without steep slope as things.

This attitude is also ant.

Wonderfulness to advance with the same stride.

Application scenes are various.

WalkCar is based in Shibuya, TokyoCocoa motorsThe world's smallest electric car to be developed. Cloud funding site in October 2015KickstarterWe plan to accept reservation sale at.

SegwayIn a sense rather cool sense that the cool mobile body "WalkCar" is sweeping the world, it is important for the trend of the Kickstarter project.

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