The maze of renewing the homemade maze and making it possible to enjoy hundreds of mazes free of charge at any time "Maze .jp"

Without updating the maze almost every day without using the maze generation algorithm etc., the site which continues to provide a handmade maze is "Maze .jp"is. The reason for sticking to handmade seems to be to realize "comfortable difficulty", and it is easy to enjoy even if you are looking at something that is small enough for a small child to challenge, it is a perfect match for cars, logos, characters, etc. Various mazes are open to the public.

Maze .jp | Infant / elementary school / adult's free print maze

The top page is laid out like this so that the latest maze will come to the top of the page.

The maze image at the top, the maze name and description below it are written, and on the upper right is the type of maze.

It felt like this when you fly to the link. Since the maze is displayed, it is good to challenge this, and it is good to share it with acquaintances using SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

The search bar and the share button are displayed at the top of the page, and the category is displayed on the black frame ... ...

For example, if you click "Prefectural Maze" from this ... ...

Only mazes by prefecture are displayed like this. Each maze by prefecture was made one by one so as to go south from the Japanese archipelago from Hokkaido, and it was created up to Tokyo at the time of article creation.

There are "Popular Maze", "Maze Category", "Maze Keyword", "Monthly Maze" at the bottom of the page, so it seems likely to find a maze that I have never met in my favorite way.

So, I picked up some interesting mazes found in "Maze .jp".

A monochrome maze representing the difference in color using the density of the maze

Giant panda's black and white maze

Apple Watch's black and white maze

Labyrinth with an unusual color in "Maze .jp"

Nintendo NES

Post box

Maze of Hokuriku Shinkansen E7 series "Kagayaki"

There are things in difficulty which are different in the same illustration in the maze.

Easy maze of poo

A difficult maze of poo

Saitama prefecture of prefecture maze

Maze in Saitama Prefecture

There are a lot of labyrinths collaborating with companies and objects, and maybe you may come up with things like "Does not it become a maze!?"

A difficult maze of kerolin tub

A difficult maze of Koikea Columno's

The difficult maze of Nissan GT-R

A difficult maze of the Tanita body composition meter

Morinaga Otto's difficult maze

People who say "I want to enjoy the maze even on a daily basis", the official formula of "Maze .jp"Twitter accountOrFacebook accountFollowing it, it seems that you can also get the new maze information as soon as possible.

It introduces a new maze like this.

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