Lego car which parks in parallel in parallel automatically and leaves in a shout

It is a movie that automatically parks or starts cars using LEGO MINDSTORM NXT which is an evolution version of LEGO MINDSTORM. It is rather nice to start departing from "GO!"

Details are as follows.
LEGO MINDSTORM is a product developed jointly by LEGO and MIT, and by programming intelligent blocks incorporating microprocessors, autonomous robots assembled with LEGO blocks will be able to move freely and unique something like.

When the car incorporating this automatically finds space enough to stop the car, it backs back and carries out parallel parking. Even people driving a car do not like parallel parking but there are not many people, so much .... It is cool to depart at "GO", but it hits the front wall lightly.
YouTube - SPC (Self Parking Car)

This automatic parking system is installed in a part of BMW and Lexus in the car being sold.

In case of BMW. Even without riding it seems to finish parking without permission. It seems to be very helpful if it is a place where I can not get on and off when parking.
YouTube - BMW Remote Park Assist

In the case of Lexus it seems to park the car in the designated place. It seems that people do braking operation, but since it will do the steering operation, it is Rakuchin.
YouTube - Gizmodo: Lexus LS 460L Self Parking Car Backs That Ass Up

For more information about LEGO Mindstorm from the link below.

Lego mindstorm official website: What is LEGO Mindstorm

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