"Apple Watch" creates quiet secret Saves the old man from the danger of life


My smartphone was in my breast pocketStop bulletsI got a lifetime kid, or an iPod that I happened to haveSave the life of a girl from a lightning strikeAnd there are several cases that a gadget that usually carries well happens to save lives, but that "Apple Watch" released in April 2015 made aware of the arrhythmia and saved the old man from the danger of life Was revealed.

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Ken Robson (64 years old) living in the state of Virginia said he went to see his son living in San Diego in mid June 2015. Mr. Robson looked back at the time and said, "I was aware that my physical condition was bad and that there was a slight dizziness." He also seems to have noticed that his heart rate has also decreased markedly.

"As long as it is not an athlete who will participate in the Olympics, one minute's heart rate will never be 30 to 40 times," Robson's heart rate dropped very much when she went on a trip to see her son It was. At first I thought that Apple Watch in my arms was wrong, but when I looked it up on the Internet I heard that he came to suspect that "Is it an arrhythmia?"

Ken Robson is a person wearing a white shirt on the right of the following picture.

Mr. Robson who made a reservation for consultation right after San Diego's trip, but because he was worried that "I do not want to become a stroke by causing an attack in an airplane", a hospital in San Diego "Scripps Mercy HospitalI was taken to the emergency room as a result of the examination.

When Mr. Robson got to the hospital, the doctor soon found out that Mr. Robson needed surgery. Although Robson did not wear a heart rate monitor etc., he always wears an Apple Watch and he was able to check the heart rate data for the past several days quickly by the doctor.

Mr. Robson when I got to the hospital "At the hospital, everyone was interested in self-diagnosis with the help of Apple Watch, but no one knows what the actual symptoms are I was not convinced. " However, Robson says, "When you look at the data, it certainly turned out that your heart rate has declined over the past few days." Later, Dr. Gerald Glasman, a cardiologist specialist, checks the heart rate data collected at Apple Watch and sometimes accompanies the danger of lifeSick sinus syndromeHe seems to have been diagnosed and underwent surgery.

ByEric E Castro

Mr. Robson transplanted the pacemaker with surgery. Although it was an emergency procedure, he recovered immediately after surgery and returned to daily life in a few days. Looking back at the incident in the hospital, Mr. Robson said, "I confirmed my heart rate shown by Apple Watch and others were looking at my heart rate measured with medical instruments, but it was displayed My heart rate was exactly the same value. "

One and a half months have passed since the operation, Robson 's heart function shows a dramatic recovery. Although it became a form of life saving by Apple Watch, "Although" Apple Watch saved lives "may be somewhat exaggerated, it dramatically improved my life There is no mistake, "Robson said.

As Robson arrived at the hospital, the hospital staff said "There is heart rate data for the past two weeks measured with Apple Watch", and at the age of 64, what is the matter with Apple Watch It seems that it was considered to be a big factor that I was firmly grasping what I could do.

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